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Heidi Klum Was Left "Choked Up" by Aidan Bryant's Unbelievable Golden Buzzer Act

The mentor relationship between Judge and contestant is one of AGT: Fantasy League's most surprising delights.

By Grace Jidoun

Aidan Bryant is just 19 years old, but he stole the spotlight during the Semifinals of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League. The enchanting aerialist twisted and twirled his way into a top spot in an episode that amped up the competitive tension between the Judges. This time, two Judges — Mel B and Howie Mandel — had Golden Buzzers that allowed them to Take away Acts from other Judges and send them to the Finals.

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Heidi Klum was clearly on edge, knowing that her Dream Team showstopper could be snapped up by not one but two Judges. A self-taught acrobat and contortionist, Bryant practiced daily in his backyard in rural Virginia and is admittedly very hard on himself, always thinking he can do better.

As his Mentor, Klum, is sweetly protective of the talented teen, blowing him kisses from the Judge’s Table and howling like a mother wolf, “Awooo!”

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During a Semifinals interview, she admitted: “I know you’re not supposed to have favorite children, but you just feel something in your stomach and your heart for someone, and for me, that has always been Aidan.”

Heidi Scolds the Judges Before Aidan Bryant’s Performance

Aidan Bryant appears in Season 1 Episode 5 of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League

Even before it was Bryant’s turn to take the stage, warnings from Klum not to use the Golden Buzzer were flying. After a soaring rendition of “Over the Rainbow” by singer Loren Allred, whom Cowell mentored, Klum turned to Mandel and asked, “Why did you not push the Golden Buzzer for her?” She pointed in his face and warned, “You better not steal one of my acts!”

We all know Mandel will stop at nothing — including hitting a Golden Buzzer with his head — to take an Act from Klum.

Bryant first awed audiences in Season 16 of America’s Got Talent and was recently crowned the winner of AGT All-Stars. For Fantasy League, he planned to take “more risks” and add “more danger,” and Klum looked visibly nervous in the moments leading up to his performance.

Ever the instigator, Cowell whispered loudly to Mel B, “Press the Golden Buzzer now,” prompting Heidi to shush the whole Judge’s table.

“Guys, please, he needs to focus, and I can’t focus either," she said.

What Happened During Aidan Bryant’s AGT: Fantasy League Semifinal Performance?

Aidan Bryant appears in Season 1 Episode 5 of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League

As Klum called out, “Be careful!” and blew kisses, Bryant began his stunning (and fiery) routine using only acrobatic ribbons to keep him aloft. Bending in unimaginable ways, we have to wonder if his body is made of rubber as he somersaults in mid-air, does the splits while flying, and hangs from the aerial ribbon upside down by one foot before launching into a spin. Dramatic flames surrounded him during the performance, adding an extra layer of danger.

Not one to mince words, Cowell praised the young spinning sensation: “I think this performance was in a league of its own. To do that without any stops. It was dangerous, it was brilliant…”

Before Simon could finish, Klum’s worst fears came true: Mel B pressed the Golden Buzzer. The two longtime pals are playing to win, though Mel B did apologize to Klum. 

Aidan Bryant’s reaction to getting the Golden Buzzer

Aidan Bryant appears in Season 1 Episode 5 of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League

In what has become AGT: Fantasy League tradition, Mel B jumped up on stage to welcome her new Dream Team Act, but this time, Klum followed and joined them on stage, choked up and heartbroken to lose Bryant.

“I’ve never gotten a Golden Buzzer before,” Bryant beamed.

“This is my night. I’m so blessed.” Klum, proving to be a true Mentor, took the high road and said, “I would still want you to be on my team, but you’re in the Finale, and that’s most important.”

Aidan then thanked Klum for mentoring him.

Could this lovefest get any sweeter?

As for Mel B and Klum? Despite Cowell joking that they’re “ex-friends” now, we have a feeling there will be more slumber parties in their future.

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