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Every Act That Auditioned for AGT 2024 In Episode 6 (RECAP)

Another week means another group of impressive AGT performers hitting the audition stage.

By Tyler McCarthy

It was yet another powerhouse week on America’s Got Talent as the Auditions continued for a sixth week. However, after seeing such immense talent come through the stage in the first few episodes, the Judges’ eyes are getting a little more discerning and the performers have their work cut out for them if they want to stand out. 

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From incredible singers and musicians to not-so-incredible variety Acts that somehow included a literal sword fight, AGT is always a mixed bag — but a fun one. This week was no exception, but it may be hard for some to recall the good from the simply wild. To help, below is a recap of every Act that auditioned in Season 19, Episode 6 of America’s Got Talent

Full Steel Combat

Full Steel Combat performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Knight Fight
Judges’ Vote: No

While it may sound insane that two fully armored knights fighting on the AGT stage wasn’t the most interesting Act of the night, the fact of the matter is… It was a bit stilted. As Howie Mandel noted, it was like a slower Medieval Times show, only not choreographed and there was no chicken. There was no winner declared since all four Judges gave the Act an X, stopping the bout short of a decisive victory. 

Super Silva Jr. 

Super Silva Jr. performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Aerial Act
Judges’ Vote: Yes

This performer took the stage and didn’t sugarcoat it — his Act is very dangerous. That was clear when he began by expertly climbing up a rope for a trapeze performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. All the Judges and the live crowd were on the edge of their seats as he took several opportunities to make it look like he was about to fail and fall to his doom. Fortunately, it was all part of the Act and he spent his time flirting with disaster just to prove how incredibly graceful and talented he truly is. 

Alex Sampson

Alex Sampson performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Singer
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Hailing from a small town in Canada, he came to the AGT stage a bundle of nerves, confessing at one point that he hadn’t even thought about the $1 million grand prize saying, “I’m just trying to get through this Audition to be honest.” 

However, when he opened his mouth and began to sing, it became clear that he should really start giving thought to the first-place prize. His original song “Pretty Baby” had the Judges and the crowd smiling almost immediately. He was a quick and easy “Yes” vote from all four Judges.


Espiritu performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Dance Group
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Simply performing on stage was a big moment for the leader of this massive dance group who grew up passing by the very theater where AGT is filmed. Now, he’s crafted a dance performance he hoped would make him and his team of dozens worthy of the many Acts he saw pass through over the years. When Espiritu took the stage it was clear, like many dance groups, they can successfully hype up the crowd. So, it’s no surprise that all four Judges sent them through to the next round.

Ry the Healer

Ry The Healer performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Sound bath / ASMR
Judges’ Vote: No

Simon Cowell initially reacted in a curt manner when Ry the Healer took the stage. Whatever sound bath tricks he pulled, though, clearly did their magic. The performance itself was undeniably relaxing, but the other Judges were split on whether or not it was indeed a performance or merely a skill. Sadly, three Judges said “no” for that reason but a fully relaxed and somewhat happier Simon liked it. He gave a “yes” vote only after it was clear Ry would not be making it to the next round. 

Kalina Moolina

Kalina Moolina performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Dancing Cow
Judges’ Vote: No

Similar to last week’s “Owl Man” performance, “Moo-lina” took the stage and took every opportunity to use the word “moo.” When the time came to perform, she began shaking her massive fake cow booty to “My Humps” and all four Judges were pretty immediately off board. 

Missy Galore

Missy Galore performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Singer
Judges Vote: No

Missy had a good stage presence and a look that everyone seemed to like. However, when it came time to perform her singing Act, it became clear that she did not have a voice similar to some of the immense singing talent who took the stage even that day, let alone in AGT history. Howie, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara immediately hit their Xs but Simon gave her a chance and indulged her until the end, even going as far as to say he would have given her a yes. 

“We lost precious moments of our lives,” Sofia concluded. 

Ada Filppa

Ada Filppa on stage with her hobby horse on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Hobby Horse
Judges’ Vote: No

This Act’s introduction made it seem like she was about to trot out a full-sized horse onto the AGT stage. However, she surprised the whole audience when she came out onto the stage with a hobby horse. While it seemed odd, it turns out it’s a real thing with a highly competitive community at its back. However, the Judges agreed that it simply wasn’t for the America’s Got Talent stage. 

Reid Wilson

Reid Wilson performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Singer
Judges’ Vote: Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer

This polite young man took the stage as humble as they come. He seemed nervous but happy to be there. However, from the moment he hit his first note, it was clear that the AGT stage was happy to have him as he is one of the most immense talents to hit the show this season. Howie Mandel certainly agreed. As soon as he was done with his cover of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” he hit his Golden Buzzer automatically sending him to the next round. 

Praveen Prajapat

Praveen Prajapat performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Variety
Judges’ Vote: Yes

There aren’t many people in the world who can do this Act and probably no one as well as Praveen Prajapat. He began by balancing a bucket of water on his head as well as several glasses of water. He was able to dance and expertly move around the stage while he did. He even upped the risk by adding more and more glasses. While he ultimately got a “Yes” from the Judges, Simon was skeptical that he could do more in another performance. However, Praveen assured them this is just a small sampling of his talent so all eyes are on him going into the next round. 

B. Thompson

B. Thompson performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Saxophone
Judges’ Vote: Yes

Just when you think you’ve seen it all on the AGT stage, a talent like B. Thompson brings his incredible saxophone skills to the show. Before his performance, he noted that he was considering throwing in the towel when it came to becoming a performer but decided to give the world’s biggest stage his last shot. Thank goodness he did because it allowed him to put on a musical showcase that would make Kenny G proud.

Tyler Burke

Tyler Burke performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Extreme Variety
Judges’ Vote: No

This Act had a little bit of everything. From flaming whips to trick archery, it was hard to take your eyes off of him. However, he didn’t stick the landing on all of his tricks, which made it hard for everyone to be super impressed by him. Both Howie and Simon tried to give him an out by letting him attempt a trick bow and arrow shot a second and even third time. However, it proved too difficult for him and he failed all three times. So, as much as both Judges wanted to give him a shot, they ultimately had to pass. 

Helen the Foot Juggler

Act: Foot Juggling
Judges’ Vote: Yes

If you think regular juggling is hard, try doing it on your back using only your feet. That said, this amazing and athletic performer also made sure to get her hands in on the game twirling hoops and more. No one was quite sure what to expect when Helen took the stage and announced she’d be foot juggling but it quickly became apparent as she expertly controlled a large table that she had everything a good AGT Act needs — immense talent, something unique no one has seen before and a penchant for spectacle that literally no one else can do! 

Balloon Taro

Balloon Taro performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1906

Act: Comedy
Judges’ Vote: Yes

Perhaps no Act in AGT embodied “the show must go on” energy quite like Balloon Taro. This father and son variety Act planned to do stunts while the surprisingly ripped dad fit himself into a giant balloon. However, because you can’t predict what will happen on the live stage, three of their balloons simply popped. After running backstage to get another and inflate it right there on stage, the group went on with the show and put on something spectacular, albeit a little weird, to delight the crowd. Despite the initial setbacks, all four Judges gave the Act a pass to the next round.

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