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Every Act That Auditioned for AGT 2024's Thrilling Premiere (RECAP)

Here's your snapshot of every Act who auditioned during the AGT Season 19 premiere.

By Tyler McCarthy

America’s Got Talent has officially returned for Season 19, and the premiere episode pulled out all the stops to set the stage for yet another summer of impossibly talented people shooting their shot at fame. 

How to Watch

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Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and the returning Sofia Vergara are once again taking the Judges’ chairs to preside over a slew of new Auditions alongside longtime host, Terry Crews. With more Golden Buzzers on the line than ever, the contestants are stopping at nothing to earn themselves a spot as one of the most-talked-about Acts of the season. With so much talent passing through the stage, some may struggle to keep track of their favorites as well as the not-so-great performers. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a rundown of all the Auditions from the premiere of Season 19 of AGT

Los Osos High School

Los Osos High School on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Dance group
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This passionate dance group seemingly brought their entire school with them to open the premiere of AGT judging by how much applause they got the moment they took the stage. Cowell even joked about them having their own cheer section of the massive crowd. That said, the hype was well-earned when they dove into their impressive dance Act.

Baby Dev

Baby Dev on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Math
Judge’s Vote: Yes

At 2 years old, Baby Dev is the youngest performer ever to take the AGT stage. Accompanied by his father, the young math prodigy took some random numbers from the Judges and solved math equations involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication that would stump some adults.

Sam Huang

Act: Magic
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Huang came all the way from Taiwan to showcase his very unique brand of magic that sees him taking his fingers and moving them all over the place, including seemingly detaching them from his body. 

“Don’t blink,” he told Mandel before performing an illusion where he popped off his pinkie finger and then popped it back on. He wasn’t afraid to do some more traditional magic, utilizing a playing card to cut off one of his other phalanges. He then moved over to Vergara and Cowell where he moved his ring finger right in front of their eyes. 

Daisy May & Clifford

Act: Dog training
Judge’s Vote: No

The highs wouldn’t be as high without a few lows. A special education teacher took the stage along with her trained dogs to showcase their agility performance for the Judges. The Act kicked off with Cowell, a notorious dog lover, making kissy noises to try and soothe the pooch in front of the crowd. However, it didn’t seem to work. Daisy May unfortunately floundered under the pressure and didn’t quite wow the Judges with her performance. Even her fellow trained dog, Clifford, couldn’t make up the lost ground and the Act became the first “No” of Season 19. 

Learnmore Jonasi

Learnmore Jonasi on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Standup comedy
Judge’s Vote: Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer

Jonasi came all the way from Zimbabwe to perform on the AGT stage, but he also had a hidden agenda. He happens to be a Terry Crews superfan, having spent his youth watching the actor in comedies. He clearly studied his work because his set had the entire audience doubled over in their chairs laughing. Whether it was the Act itself or the flattery of having a Superfan travel all the way from Zimbabwe, Crews was inspired to take the stage and press his one and only Golden Buzzer for the season. 

Ashlee Montauge

Ashlee Montague on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Ballet
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This isn’t your typical dance Act. Montauge not only performed expert and graceful ballet dance moves, but she incorporated a little bit of acrobatics and balancing into her time on stage as well. She took a moment to step up on the stage to represent her craft and then balanced on the tips of glass bottles, earning a “Yes” vote from all four Judges, including Cowell, who confessed at the top of the show that he “hates” ballet. 

Reyna Roberts

Act: Singing
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This singer was inspired by fellow country artists like Drake Milligan and Chapel Hart to come on America’s Got Talent and showcase what she can do. (Fun fact: Roberts was a featured vocalist on Beyoncé's "Blackbird" cover featured on her acclaimed 2024 album, Cowboy Carter). 

Singing an original song called “Raised Right,” she blew away all the Judges except Mandel, who noted he wanted to see a little more from her in the next round. 

Arshiya Sharma

Arshiya on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Contortionist, dance
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Talk about a bait and switch. This 13-year-old came all the way from India to take the stage as a bubbly youngster who is just excited to be on the stage. However, she noted she didn’t want to be like every other dancer, so she added gymnastics and flexibility moves to her routine to set herself apart… but that wasn’t it. 

She surprised the Judges when she briefly left the stage to prepare, returning in full horror makeup for a creepy Act that literally no one was expecting. Cowell called it “Like the Exorcist,” and he wasn’t wrong. 

Chris Ivan

Chris Ivan on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Plunger throwing
Judge’s Vote: No

It’s exciting to hear that someone is going to try and break a Guinness World Record on the AGT stage. In fact, he brought out an official from Guinness to verify his status. He was also joined by 17 of his closest friends and family who popped their shirts off to stand while he attempted to break his own World Record title for Most Human Targets Hit With Plungers in One Minute. 

Sadly, he didn’t make it. In fact, he didn’t even come close to the World Record of 17, which forced the Judges to give him the dreaded “No” vote. 


Tonikaku on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Variety
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Although he’s one of the more out there performances to take the stage during the AGT Season 19 premiere, Tonikaku came out nearly naked excited to show America what he can do. Don’t worry, as he mentioned several times, he was wearing pants. Cowell noted that he was previously on Britain’s Got Talent and is his son’s favorite Act. From there he launched into his Act which… was hard to explain but certainly a “body performance” worth watching. 

Richard Goodall

Richard Goodall sings on stage during AGT Episode 1901.

Act: Singer
Judge’s Vote: Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer

This humble janitor got on a plane for the first time in his life because the kids at the middle school he works at encouraged him to audition for AGT. Their instincts were right because after his emotional performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Heidi gave him a Golden Buzzer that brought him, and some of the audience, to tears. 

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