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Every Act That Auditioned for AGT 2024 In Episode 2 (RECAP)

Things heated up on the AGT stage when the second round of Auditions brought new and exciting Acts to the stage. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The Auditions are in full swing on America’s Got Talent Season 19. After a stellar showing in the premiere episode, yet another batch of 10 Acts stepped up to the plate to try and secure one of the Golden Buzzers up for grabs, or enough "Yes" votes to move on to the next round

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Judges Simon CowellHeidi KlumHowie Mandel and Sofia Vergara were looking for something unique, and it showed as a handful of Acts ended up getting the dreaded red X treatment, while others were able to break out and wow them with some truly amazing talents. 

With so much already happening in Episode 2 of AGT Season 19, some may need a refresher on everything that happened. To help, below is a brief recap of all the Auditions. 

Chrisyius Whitehead

Chrisyius Whitehead performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Drummer
Judge’s Vote: Yes

You’ve never seen such a polite little drummer boy as Chrisyus Whitehead. Before he even began to hit his drum kit (which he had to stand to use since he’s still so tiny) he won over the Judges with his good manners and adorable answer to the question of what he’d do with the $1 million grand prize. However, once he got on the drums and showed the world that, even at 5 years old he’s one of the biggest talents on the stage, he earned advancement to the next round. 

Ashes & Arrows

Ashes & Arrows performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Singer/Musicians
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This band took the stage with some nerves but quickly used their soulful voices and harmonies to win over both the crowd and the Judge panel… well, most of them. Despite putting on a great show with their original song “Born to Love,” Mandel simply had to admit that they didn’t win him over, likening them to a really great pub band but nothing more. This earned him some vicious boos from the crowd and his fellow Judges alike. Undeterred, the band noted that they hoped to win him over in the next round. 

Hakuna Matata Acrobats

Hakuna Matata Acrobatic performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Rolla Bolla
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This group came all the way from Tanzania to show America what they can do. To make sure everything went perfectly, they said they practiced six days a week before finally taking the stage for their audition. To prove just how difficult their rolla bolla Act is they had to reset a couple of times after they lost their balance while raising each other up over their shoulders. Still, they managed to shake off the issues and finally perform their Act to perfection, earning them a Yes vote across the board from the Judges. 

Alex Zinger

Alex Zinger performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Dance
Judge’s Vote: No

Despite dancing with big names like Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli, this Brooklyn-based dancer was never able to follow his passion into success in show business. However, he kept on the path for more than 30 years and finally brought his talents to the AGT stage. However, things didn’t go his way as he was the first full X vote from the Judges, effectively cutting his Act short. While he certainly had the moves, Cowell compared it to a drunk uncle at a wedding, which doesn’t cut it on the AGT stage. 

The Otama Collective

The Otama Collective performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Band
Judge’s Vote: No

This trio took the stage and seemingly had a lot of promise, boasting themselves as “classically trained performers” who love making music together. However, when their Act began the Judges were shocked to see they merely had affixed creepy doll heads made to look like the panel to what appeared to be kazoo flutes that sounded… not great. It didn’t take long for all four to get an X from the Judges, cutting their Act short as well. 


Act: Musician
Jude’s Vote: Yes

This full-time musician is based in Arizona with big dreams of being the first musician to make it big on AGT using traditional Chinese instruments. Her Act started out subdued and traditional enough before it became clear that this lady was here to rock, and rock she did. No one knew these instruments, which Simon speculated were more than a hundred years old, could get as heavy metal as they did. When it was all done, it was an emphatic “yes” from all four Judges. 

Liv Warfield

Liv Warfield performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Singer
Jude’s Vote: Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Liv Warfield has been a working musician for years and even performed with some of the greats like Prince. However, she’s now taking the AGT stage in the hopes of earning her long-overdue solo respect in the business. From the moment she hit the first note of her original song “Stare,” Warfield had the Judge’s jaws on the floor, particularly Simon who didn’t even give the others a chance to speak before he hit his Golden Buzzer and sent her directly to the Live Rounds. 

Cata & Jay

Cata & Jay performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Unicycle Balancing
Judge’s Vote: No

Despite an impressive showcase on stage, the Judges unanimously agreed that this duo has a talent that is simply not ready for the AGT stage — yet! They all encouraged them to come back after they’ve honed their craft a little bit more and were confident they’ll be something special one day.


Act: Dance Group
Judge’s Vote: Yes

Hailing all the way from Japan, this dance group admitted they were big fans of AGT and thought it was the perfect place to showcase their unique, highly in-sync dance moves. They took the stage as a seemingly shy group of passionate ladies but by the time their high-flying, incredibly acrobatic performance was done, it was the Judges who were starstruck.

Philip Lewis

Phillip Lewis performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Baton Dancing
Judge’s Vote: Yes

The only thing more unique than this baton twirler’s Act is his pre-show ritual. He took the stage with a glowing and bubbly personality and admitted that he makes sure to eat a donut before each and every performance, and this one was no exception. The sugar rush clearly helped as he spun his baton and danced up a storm on the stage, earning him a “yes” vote across the board — more donuts to come for him. 

Bao Cuong

Bao Cuong performs onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Extreme Sideshow
Judge’s Vote: Yes

This man came from Vietnam to show the Judges and America what he can do. Although he noted he missed his wife and two children, he knew he had to travel to do this. That said, what he does is quite hard to watch. The man is a master of pain, sticking knives up his nose followed by shoving giant scissors down his throat before opening them. Although the Act made all four Judges squirm in their seats, they had to admit it was impressive, so they sent him to the next round. 

Sky Element

Sky Elements stands onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1902.

Act: Drone Show
Judge’s Vote: Simon’s Golden Buzzer

This drone Act was something so big and brand new that they couldn’t perform it on the AGT stage. So, they brought the Judges and the audience outside where they treated them to a story told through light and music. They even personalized it by creating a giant Simon Cowell head that could be seen from miles away. The Act was so breathtaking that it prompted Simon to rethink the rules of the entire competition and offer up his Golden Buzzer a second time, which means that the three other Judges get two going forward.