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The Literal Hottest Moments in AGT History

These Acts are actually straight fire.

By Christopher Rosa
Agt Extreme Season1 Shemika Campbell

With its uplifting Acts and fun Judge banter, America's Got Talent is the ultimate summer show. When the weather is hot and the days are longer, you just want television you can cool down and relax with, and AGT is that to a tee. In fact, the show will, on many occasions, remind you just how hot life can get, which will make you appreciate your air-conditioned living room even more. 

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We mean hot in the literal sense. Part of why AGT is a great summer show is the performances sometimes feature literal fire that matches the heat of summer weather. Whether it's aerial Artists dancing around fire or daredevils escaping burning traps, AGT knows how to turn up the heat—just like a beach day in July. 

In the spirit of that—and the spirit of AGT returning for Season 17 after Memorial Day—let's revisit some of the (literal) hottest moments in the show's history.  

Shemika Campbell

Appeared: America's Got Talent: Extreme Season 1

Act: Intense limbo under fire 

Heat level from 1-10: A solid 10. As Host Terry Crews said about Campbell's fiery, body-bending performance, "This is crazy. She could get cooked!" Thankfully, she didn't. She successfully limboed under some very low bars that were casually set on fire. The audience was absolutely gobsmacked. 

William Brandon

Appeared: America's Got Talent: Extreme Season 1

Act: Fire dancing

Heat level from 1-10: 6.5. Set to Lorde's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," Brandon executed a fiery dance routine that caused the audience to loudly gasp several times. 

Aidan Bryant 

Appeared: America's Got Talent Season 16

Act: Aerial acrobatics surrounded by fire

Heat level from 1-10: 6. Bryant set this performance to Tommee Profitt's "Caught in the Fire," and that was appropriate. Bryant's dazzling acrobatics were made even more jaw-dropping when they were surrounded by bursts of literal fire. 

Daredevils Dr. Danger and Mary 

Appeared: America's Got Talent: Extreme Season 1

Act: Daredevil performance Artists

Heat level from 1-10: 10+. The audience was a little confused at the start of this performance. Crews called it a "love story for the ages," and that it was. The performance started with Dr. Danger and Mary sitting at a table eating dinner; then, masked villains came and kidnapped Dr. Danger, putting him in a portable toilet that was set on fire. And Mary was put in a ring of fire! Thankfully, Dr. Danger was able to escape and save Mary, but not before they were both fully set on fire. Yeah, this is about as hot as an AGT performance can get. 

Cosentino, the Escape Artist 

Appeared: America's Got Talent: The Champions Season 1

Act: Illusionist/Escape Artist

Heat level from 1-10: 7. Cosentino used only a lock-pick to free himself from a spinning death trap that featured arrows and lots and lots of fire. 

Aaron Crow

Appeared: America's Got Talent Season 13

Act: Danger Artist

Heat level from 1-10: 5.5. Fire played a key role in this Act, with Crow using wax from a candle to seal his eyes shut. Then, while completely blind, he expertly slashed through objects that volunteers were holding on stage. The audience was on the edge of their seats the whole time. 

Jade Kindar

Appeared: America's Got Talent: Extreme Season 1

Act: High-wire walk set on fire 

Heat level from 1-10: 8. High-wire walking is stressful on its own, but setting the wires on fire? That is a whole new level of scary!

America's Got Talent Season 17 premieres Tuesday, May 31 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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