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Adele's The Bachelor SNL Sketch Is Our Favorite "Someone Like You" Performance

Saturday Night Live's Bachelor parody allowed Adele to casually burst into pitch-perfect snippets of her biggest hits—and she was robbed of that First Impression Rose. 

By Samantha Vincenty

In the 20-plus years since The Bachelor aired its first episode way back in 2002, it's grown in both fanbase and in iterations, from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise and The Golden Bachelor. And while the reality series' most recent season finale ended happily with competitor Kelsey Anderson accepting a proposal from Bachelor Joey Graziadei, it's safe to say that not every moment in the franchise goes so smoothly. Even, as this classic Saturday Night Live sketch posits, when you're world-famous pop singer Adele

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The dating show is, ultimately, a competition—and the myriad awkward moments baked into its format are a feature, not a bug, because the cringe moments make for great TV. As The Bachelor gameplay heats up and the wine in the Bachelor mansion flows like...well, freely-flowing wine, viewers at home know that the pressure can start affecting the show's participants quickly.

Poking fun at herself in the "The Bachelor" sketch from Adele's October 24, 2020 episode, the 16-time Grammy winner vies for the affection of Bachelor Ben K (Beck Bennett). 

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Beck Bennett during a sketch on SNL Episode 1789

Watch Adele belt "Someone Like You" on SNL as a dejected Bachelor contestant

In the sketch, we meet several hopefuls named Hannah (cast members Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman) before meeting one Adele Adkins.

While the idea that she'd compete is preposterous, as any Bachelor fan knows, Adele's optimistic interview as a love-hungry competitor is too real.

"You may know me from being the singer, Adele," she tells the camera. "I'm here because I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life — first at 19, and then sort of famously at 21, and then even more famously at 25. But I have a really good feeling about Ben K. It's only night one, but I can already tell he's going to be the next love of my life."

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When Hannah C. receives the coveted First Impression Rose, Adele can only think of one thing to do: Rise and casually belt a pitch-perfect rendition of her heartbreak anthem "Someone Like You."

Though one of the Hannahs advises Adele to "pace yourself emotionally," she cannot resist dipping back into her incredible catalog when the spirit moves her. She bursts into 25's "When We Were Young," followed by a lurker's rendition of "Hello," climaxing with a stunning few seconds of "Rolling in the Deep."

"Ok, I'm a huge fan but I don't feel safe with her here," another contestant cries.

Sorry Ben K, we're on Team Adele: If we had a voice like Adele's we'd sing just about everywhere, from a dating competition to the supermarket checkout line.

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The Bachelor's been on for so long it's become a cultural institution—and its inherently absurd concept has inspired many a Saturday Night Live sketch. Watch a few below. 

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