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This Is What Happened to Alvin Olinsky on Chicago P.D.

The detective, who was killed in Season 5, makes a brief return in the latest episode.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
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Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 13 (titled "The Ghost in You") features a callback to a fan favorite character from many seasons ago.

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During a brief clip you see Voight (Jason Beghe) standing over the grave of Det. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas), who died in Season 5. Read on, below, to remember what exactly happened to him.

What happened to Alvin Olinsky on Chicago P.D.?

Olinsky was a beloved member of the Intelligence Unit from Seasons 1 through 5, and he was incredibly close to Voight. The two both shared a tendency to go "off the books" with their police work, so they understood each other. But in the end, their relationship is what led to Olinsky's downfall.

Fans may remember that towards the end of Season 5, Olinsky's DNA was found on the body of Bingham (Joseph Sikora), who killed Voight's son, Justin. As a a result, Olinsky was arrested for the murder even though it was actually Voight who killed Bingham. Olinsky stayed loyal to his boss and didn't reveal the truth, but he ended up stabbed in prison by a fellow inmate. He tragically died in the Season 5 finale, titled "Homecoming," during surgery.

In a quest for revenge, Voight investigates Olinsky's death and ends up killing the murderer.

Voight standing over Alvin Olinksy's grave

“From a creative perspective, it was a decision that evolved organically from the ongoing storyline between Voight and Woods," then-showrunner Rick Eid told TV Line at the time. "The writers and I kept coming back to this idea that Voight’s decision to kill Bingham should cost him something. Over time, we landed on the notion that Olinsky should be the person to pay for Voight’s sin because Voight admired and loved him so much.”

Eid continued, "From a business perspective, however, this was an extremely difficult decision. Elias is a terrific actor and a good person. He’s also been an important part of the show since the very beginning. So this part of the process was really challenging. But Elias handled the news like a true professional and remained committed to the show and his character until the final shot. We will miss him dearly.”

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