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Is "Corrections" on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tonight? Watch the Latest Segment

Each week, Seth Meyers' Emmy-nominated "Corrections" hilariously addresses everything the show got wrong—watch the newest segment from Late Night Season 11 here. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Each week of Late Night with Seth Meyers brings a fresh batch of celebrity guests, hilarious monologues, and typically, several installments of "A Closer Look." Host Seth Meyers and his ace team of staff writers compile a lot of info in order to craft the sharp political jokes and clever takes that the show is known for. 

How to Watch

Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC weeknights at 12:35/11:35c and next day on Peacock.  

Like any facts-packed show, Late Night occasionally gets some details wrong. Unlike the other shows, however, Meyers and his producers devote a weekly segment to the episodic errors that viewers have called out. "Corrections" is a twice-Emmy-nominated online series filmed in Studio 8G, taped after the last new Late Night of the week. The segment's loosey-goosey vibe finds Meyers lightly teasing his staff as he takes a self-deprecating stance to appease loyal "Corrections" fans—or "Jackals," as Meyers lovingly calls them.

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"Corrections Episode 80: Week of Monday, October 2," posted on October 6 after the Late Show's return following five months off the air due to the WGA strike, was the first "Corrections" since the week of April 24.

"When you meet up with a friend after a long time and you realize just how much you missed them and how they bring joy to your life. That is Corrections," wrote one viewer in a comment on Late Night with Seth Meyers' YouTube channel that received over 1500 likes. 

Watch "Corrections" for the week of October 2 above.

Seth Meyers sits behind his desk while hosting 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

When is Late Night's "Corrections" filmed?

Seth Meyers tapes "Corrections" on Thursdays every week that there's new episodes of Late Night, at the same place he hosts the show: Behind the desk in Studio 8G at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. 

Does Seth Meyers write "Corrections" himself?

Yes, according to a June 2022 The Wrap article marking the 50th edition of "Corrections." Meyers told the outlet that he keeps the script as a surprise for Executive Producer Mike Shoemaker, writers, and other staff. “Nobody ever knows the context,” Meyers said. “It’s really fun.”

This means that yes, Seth Meyers really does read the YouTube comments—though that may be because he feels largely responsible for the errors he needs to set straight. 

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“I’m ashamed to say a lot of the corrections are when I riff on a monologue joke," Meyers told The Wrap. "So it’s none of the writers’ fault. Goofy dad over here decides to do a riff and gets like five facts wrong (laughs).”

What's the deal with the "Corrections" mug? 

If you're a Late Night with Seth Meyers viewer who considers yourself a fastidious fact-checker, you can grab your very own "Corrections" mug over at The Shop at NBC Studios. It features a (very cute!) jackal on a laptop, enthusiastically typing what we can only assume is a correction for next week's segment.