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See Justin Hartley's Childhood Photos in New This Is Us Set Tour

The Pearson family cabin has so many little, hidden details. 

By Michelle Regalado
This Is Us Justin Hartley Set Tour

Fans are familiar with the many sets on This Is Us. Rebecca and Jack Pearson's living room! The cabin! Not to mention the piano inside Rebecca and Jack's living room! Yes, we're getting specific, as true superfans do. 

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These locations are where we've laughed and cried with the Pearsons for six seasons—and now, we're seeing them like never before. As the final season of This Is Us rolls on, cast members Mandy Moore (Rebecca)Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), and Justin Hartley (Kevin) are taking fans behind-the-scenes to "where the magic happens" (as Moore aptly puts it). 

In that instance, Moore is actually talking about the hair and makeup trailers where she's transformed into Rebecca, ages 25 to 68, depending on the day. "It was three, three-and-a-half [hours] at one point, even four," Moore says about how long it used to take to become present-day Rebecca. Now, the makeup team can make it happen in two hours. The skill! The talent!  

Another necessary component of Moore’s transformation: a stunning collection of wigs for every era of Rebecca, from the '70s to 2022. The 1999 Rebecca wig is particularly fabulous. 

Once Moore is out of hair and makeup, she's headed to one of those aforementioned sets, which Ventimiglia shows off in a behind-the-scenes video of his own. First stop: the Pearson family living room in Pittsburgh where the Big Three were originally raised.

"This room right back here we've had so many memories in," he says. "We've laughed. We've cried. We've had some growing pains. We've had some whiny teenagers and, you know, kids misbehaving." 

Speaking of family history: Let's talk about the Pearson family cabin, which Hartley takes fans to in the video, below. The cabin's living room features real-life photos of Hartley as a child alongside pictures of the actors who play younger versions of the Big Three. "A lot of my life, a lot of my recent life, has been here on these sets," Hartley says. "It'll be a bittersweet goodbye." 

Yes, it will. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.