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Watch Steve Carell's Worlds Collide as He Hilariously Reads The Office Lines in Despicable Me Voice

It’s the Michael Scott-to-Gru crossover we didn’t know we needed.

By Benjamin Bullard

When Felonius Gru talks, people listen — and it’s not just because the onetime supervillain stands at the center of the animated Minion movie-verse. Thanks to the distinctively outlandish voice Steve Carell created for the character beginning with 2010’s Despicable Me, it’s impossible not to take notice whenever Gru has something to say… even if it’s, uhm, something he’d never actually say in one of his own movies.

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Fans got a hilarious taste of crossover Gru a few years back when Carell slid into his Gru voice to recite lines from some of his other former acting gigs while doing publicity for Despicable Me 3 (now streaming on Peacock). If you’ve ever wondered how Gru would sound on The Office (also streaming on Peacock), Anchorman, or even just cruising through a fast food drive-in on his way home from a long day on set, well, wonder no more: Carell’s here to show how the Anti-Villain League’s most valuable asset has a knack for all kinds of mashed-up comedy.

How Gru Sounds as The Office’s Michael Scott

Yep, that’s Carell and Despicable Me series costar (and Saturday Night Live alum) Kristen Wiig, giving Access Hollywood an insider’s look into how Gru might be navigating life if his day job didn’t keep him busy herding Minions, chasing down stolen treasure, and getting the general hang of being an adoptive dad. Not even Michael Scott at his most awkwardly outlandish can quite measure up to Gru’s version of recurring The Office punchline “That’s what she said!”— let alone declare with the same cartoonish conviction that “I am Beyoncé — always!”

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Equally ridiculous is Carrell’s Gru-voiced do-over of one of the most stupidly funny lines from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, where Carrell’s demented weatherman Brick Tamland declares — for reasons we’ll likely never know — “I ate a big red candle!”

Even Wiig tries her improv hand at speaking in the language of Gru (with a little bit of Brick’s randomness thrown in for good measure of course), blurting out “There’s a rainbow!” in her best Minion-master’s voice. She’s probably not stealing the role from Carrell anytime soon, though. As Carrell himself teases, “I guarantee Gru has never said those words!”

While the Minions assemble around Despicable Me 4 — tentatively slated to arrive in theaters in the summer of 2024 — there’s no shortage of Steve Carrell silliness on Peacock. Stream all of Carrell’s epic Dunder Mifflin bumbling as Michael Scott in The Office; spy him as an overly attentive motel manager in Asteroid City; and, of course, as the one and only voice of Gru in Despicable Me 3.

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