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A Detective Was Killed on Organized Crime — And Stabler Buried the Body

After a detective went missing on Law & Order: Organized Crime, things only deteriorated for the squad.

By Elisabeth Ford
Stabler and Bell Talk in Secret Language While Undercover | Law & Order: Organized Crime | NBC

After a detective went missing on Season 4, Episode 9 of Law & Order: Organized Crime, things only deteriorated for the squad in the follow-up installment. 

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Episode 10 brought the devastating news that the Organized Crime Control Bureau detective is dead, and that one of his colleague's brothers might be caught up in it somehow. 

The episode opened with Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) burying a body with another man from the Staten Island honey farm that he's been undercover at since it was suspected that the farm also packages and distributes heroin.

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Stabler asked the other man of the body in the grave, "Who is he?” But the guy responded that they're just the clean-up crew, and that it's "not my job to ask questions, and definitely not yours.”

When he was told to "hurry up," the detective began throwing dirt on the body as he tried to get a closer look.

Officer Samir Bashir (Abubakr Ali) appears in Season 4 Episode 4 of Law & Order: Organized Crime

Whose body did Stabler bury in Season 4, episode 10 of Organized Crime?

As Stabler tossed dirt in the grave, he began having flashbacks to prior moments in the series that made it clear whose body he was burying. Stabler had flashbacks to meeting Detective Samir Bashir (Abubakr Ali) when he was still a police officer, talking to his Bashir's wife, and of holding their toddler.

After heading back to the compound, Stabler angrily confronted military veteran Angus Boone, whose family runs the honey farm, as well as the drug operation there. A number of other veterans work and live on the compound.

“We just buried one of our own,” Stabler said to Angus. “Is that what you do here? ‘Cause I didn’t sign up for that.”

When Angus asked what he meant, Stabler continued: “We buried a Marine! The man was a Marine. I saw his tattoos. He was one of us.”

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Angus replied: “What you did tonight, that’s not who we are, not what we’re about. I didn’t know the man was a Marine and we had nothing to do with his death.”

It was revealed later in the episode that Angus does the bidding of a unnamed “partner” that his mother refers to as "Red Coat." 

Elliot Stabler on law and order organized crime episode 410

Stabler's brother Randall tried to find their younger sibling, Joe Jr. 

While Stabler was undercover, his older brother Randall (Dean Norris) set out to find their younger brother, Joe Jr. (Michael Trotter). In the prior episode, Randall and Stabler confronted Joe after finding drug paraphernalia in his hotel room safe.

When the meeting turned explosive, Joe fled the hotel, headed to their mother's to try to get some money, and then took off again.

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In an effort to find his brother, Randall broke into the wine warehouse where Joe works and was arrested for trespassing.

How did Stabler tell Bell and the rest of squad that Detective Bashir was dead? 

Stabler had to figure out a way to let his boss, Sgt. Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt), and the rest of the OCCB know that Bashir was dead. So, he got word out that his undercover character was going to be at a support group meeting for veterans and that he needed a "friendly face" there.

Bell showed up at the group meeting, posing as a vet who was struggling to adjust to life after war. Stabler got his message out about Bashir's death by telling a story about a "five-member fire team" he was on. "We don’t know how or when, but one of our members was killed, and I was the one who found him," Stabler said.

Bell listened intently, as Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) and Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger) listened in from back in the office, along with Kyle Vargas, an AI expert working with the OCCB. "And at the time, I was separated from my unit, so I wound up burying him on enemy soil.”

Bell began tearing up at the meeting, as Reyes looked shocked and furious upon hearing the news.

Sergeant Ayanna Bell sits attentively in a scene from Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 10

“He just wanted to get back to his wife and child and unborn baby," Stabler said. "I still think about that unborn baby.”

Bell's eyes welled up, and Jet said, “Sam’s dead.” 

When Bell got a moment to speak to Stabler privately during a break in the support group meeting, she took the opportunity to ask him who killed Bashir.

“I don’t know, but there’s someone above Angus," Stabler revealed. "... And I’m thinking Sam got too close to him.”

Bell responded, “Alight, we have eyes on you. Send a signal if you need us.”

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When Bell got back to her office, she tried to comfort her staff and asked them to stay focused. She instructed Reyes to organize a small search team at the Staten Island park where Stabler told her Bashir was buried.

Bell and Jet then headed to the hospital to tell Bashir’s pregnant wife that her husband had been killed. And the search team at the park found Bashir’s body after spotting the markings Stabler left for them.

When Jet and Bell went to the hospital where Bashir’s wife was, she figured out immediately why they were there and started crying. Bell comforted her, as she and Jet cried along with the widow.

Stabler's brother's work place is tied to Bashir's killer 

After becoming fed up with Red Coat, Angus decided that he was going to cut ties with the mysterious boss by paying him off. Angus planned to meet with Red Coat in the middle of the night with Stabler as his back up, but when his “partner” didn’t show up, things went south.

Red Coat sent two men instead, who fired shots at Angus and Stabler. Angus and Stabler shot back, hitting the men. They walked one back to the car they came in, as Angus told him, "You tell your boss he made the biggest mistake of his life. You tell him he’s next."

Elliot Stabler sits with his arms crossed in a scene from Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 10

The rest of the squad, while tracking Stabler’s movements in and out of the compound, traced the shooters' movements via traffic cam pix. They realized the SUV matched the description of the vehicle Bashir got into before he vanished. and then tracked the SUV traveling back to the wine merchant where Stabler’s brother Joe works.

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Back at the office, Bell asked Randall about Joe and how long he'd been working at the wine operation. Randall asked her, "What exactly is he in to?" Bell responded, "That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

During their talk, Jet came in and revealed that a forensics report came back and showed evidence of Bashir’s blood in the wine warehouse.

To that, Randall said: “Sam’s the detective who was... so, his blood was found in the warehouse where my brother works? What does that mean?”

To find out the answer to that question and more, watch Law & Order: Organized Crime on Thursdays at 10/9c p.m. on NBC or stream episodes the next day on Peacock.