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This All-Star SNL Muppet Movie Sketch Stars Bill Hader as Animal

Host Seth Rogen is Rowlf, Andy Samberg's The Swedish Chef, and Kristen Wiig plays a hilarious Beaker in the darkly comic parody. 

By Samantha Vincenty

The "Muppet Bus" sketch from the April 4, 2009 Saturday Night Live episode starred the stacked Season 34 cast in delightful made-from-scratch Muppets costumes — and it also showcased gravel-voiced Host Seth Rogen's Rowlf impression (though not for the first time). Opening with a few bars of The Muppet Movie's jubilant jam "Movin' Right Along," the sketch takes a turn that's much more darkly comic than the events in Jim Henson's 1979 film.

How to Watch

Watch Saturday Night Live Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c on NBC and next day on Peacock.  

The creatures riding in SNL's version of the Electric Mayhem Bus from the film are actually adorable. Jason Sudeikis is Fozzie Bear with his signature polka dot scarf, Andy Samberg is the floppy-handed Swedish Chef, Bill Hader is Animal, Bobby Moynihan plays Gonzo (with Camila the chicken on his lap), Will Forte is Kermit, Michaela Watkins is Janice, and Fred Armisen is Electric Mayhem Band saxophonist Zoot. Capping it off is Kristen Wiig fully committed as Beaker. Meep!

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Split of Bill Hader and Animal the muppet

The gang's having a great day on the road, with Hader's Animal happily screeching, "Friends! Friends!" Forte busts out a solid Kermit voice to warn a distracted Rowlf to look out for something on the road, but it's too late. The cast's silent, shocked Muppet faces as they realize what's just happened is a highlight of the sketch. 

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SNL's "Muppet Bus" sketch is a dark version of The Muppet Movie

Rogen's Rowlf is in denial as he keeps driving, while Watkin's Janice says, "I'm really freaking out, okee?" 

A police siren sounds as Kermit and Rowlf bicker over who'll "take the hit" for the hit and run. 

"Wow Kermit — you really threw him under the bus on that one!" Sudeikis says as a pitch-perfect Fozzie. "Wocka wocka wocka!" 

As they pull over, Rowlf asks if anyone "has anything illegal on them."

"Boom boom sniff sniff!" Hader's Animal yells, holding up dynamite in one hand and a large baggie in the other.

Snl Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg during a sketch on SNL in 2007

When Wiig's Beaker begins to panic, Samberg's Swedish Chef attempts to comfort her in a non-verbal exchange. Ultimately, he slaps Beaker, and tells him to "Schmordy. Borg!" 

When comedian Nipsey Russell (Kenan Thompson) inexplicably boards the Electric Mayhem Bus — Russell wasn't in the actual The Muppet Movie — things get really real, courtesy of Armisen's Zoot.  

Watch SNL's "Muppet Bus" sketch above.

Seth Rogen played Rowlf in two SNL episodes

For "Muppet Bus," SNL's costume department presumably dusted off Rogen's Rowlf costume from his first time portraying the furry pianist. 

Snl Seth Rogen Andy Samberg 1

During Rogen's first time hosting on October 6, 2007, he teamed up with Samberg for "Rowlf & The Swedish Chef" sketch. That sketch also featured Hader, Armisen, and Watkins in their Muppet costumes for the first time. 

Because SNL's Hader and Wiig-era Muppets were just too good, they also joined Host Blake Lively during her December 5, 2009 monologue. 

Did SNL use the real Muppets?

Yes. During Season 1 of Saturday Night Liveback when it was titled NBC's Saturday Night, Jim Henson's Muppets starred in a recurring series called "The Land of Gorch."

The adult-themed sketches were ultimately axed because, as genius as Henson was, "The Land of Gorch" just wasn't a fit for the sketch show. You can see the Muppets on SNL for yourself below.

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