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SNL Takes on the Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef in "Good Morning Greenville" Sketch

The morning show hosts (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) were even more confused than most of us are at this point, so they tapped an "expert" (Dua Lipa) to explain. 

By Samantha Vincenty

For days, rap fans have been refreshing their feeds for updates amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar's escalating feud — but if you personally can't keep up anymore, you're not alone. And you can't possibly be more clueless than the fictional hosts of Good Morning Greenville, who shared their extremely slippery grasp on the beef in a Saturday Night Live sketch during Dua Lipa's May 4 episode. 

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Like the "Community Affairs Cold Open" that eschewed the particulars of the student protest debate and let Kenan Thompson flex his hilarious character work instead, "Good Morning Greenville" skipped the (possibly slanderous) particulars of Drake and Kendrick's war of words. With three diss tracks released in the 24 hours preceding SNL's broadcast alone, tracking the action has become a full-time job that the Good Morning Greenville hosts (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) aren't prepared to handle. In fact, they barely seem to know who the involved parties are. 

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As Day's character described it, "every rapper is getting mixed into this beef like they were chopped onions and cayenne pepper. I mean, you got Kanye, Two-Pack, Shoop Dog, As-Soon-As-Possible Rocky..."

"And where does Wayne Brady stand? Has he responded?" Gardner's character chimed in, ostensibly meaning Lil Wayne. 

Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day during a sketch on snl episode 1862

Dua Lipa's "expert" breaks down the Drake-Kendrick beef on SNL

When the pair attempted to get a take from their young weather reporter Derek (Devon Walker), he immediately made it clear he'd like to be excluded.

"Please just let me do the weather and go home," Derek pleaded.

The two instead tapped Wanda Weems (Dua Lipa), a local grade-school piano teacher who joined them as a "culture critic." Reporting in front of a classic red-string conspiracy board, Wanda shared insights such as, "on the song 'Euphoria,' when Kendrick describes Drake as Canadian, that's because Drake is from Toronto."

Dua Lipa on stage during her monologue on snl episode 1862

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Things devolved further when Day and Gardner's characters decided to role play as Drake and Kendrick themselves, holding masks to their faces just minutes before they were deservedly yanked off the air. 

"Now, why the heck are you saying all this mean stuff about me?!" Day's Drake asked.

"You know what, you're right," Gardner's Lamar replied in her voice. "Shame on me for doing those mean raps about you!"

"Well, bless your heart for saying that! Shame on me too, I suppose," fake-Drake cooed. 

Here's hoping the real-life rappers settle their differences with the exact same exchange.