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Upgrade Your Breakfast Hilariously With SNL's 'Colon Blow' Sketch

"Warning: may cause abdominal distension."

By Jessica White

Saturday Night Live's commercial parodies almost always hit home, and the crown jewel of them is "Colon Blow."

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The sketch resonated almost immediately after it debuted in Season 15—so much so that it sparked SNL to create an actual cereal for fans of the joke to enjoy (which luckily didn't have the same side effects as Colon Blow). SNL's "Colon Blow" will always hold a special place in fans' hearts, so let's revisit it for the unfamiliar. 

SNL's "Colon Blow" sketch pokes fun at '90s cereal commercials

SNL's "Colon Blow" sketch makes fun of the wave of high-fiber cereals that became popular in the late '80s and early '90s. Starring the late Phil Hartman, "Colon Blow" uses the art of exaggeration as the punchline, and its brilliance lies in its simplicity. Hartman stars as a regular guy eating breakfast who is asked to guess how many bowls of regular oat cereal he'd have to eat to equal the fiber content of Colon Blow.

After guessing up to nine bowls, we learn that it would hilariously take over 30,000 bowls of cereal to compete with Colon Blow's high-fiber recipe. "I think I get the picture!" Hartman yells while perched on a mountain of cereal bowls that only continues to grow with the mention of Super Colon Blow. The sketch is straightforward, relatable, and timelessly funny. Enjoy SNL's "Colon Blow" for yourself in the video, above. 

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