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How Adorable Are Simon Cowell's Dogs? Everything to Know About His Furry Family

When he isn't divvying out Golden Buzzers on America's Got Talent, he is one of America's proudest dog dads.

By Jessica White

He may be known for his sharp critiques on America's Got Talent, but when a dog enters the room, Simon Cowell turns to mush.

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Cowell's affection for dogs is no secret, and his love for the furry pups shines just as brightly as his sprawling career. Cowell and his fiancee Lauren Silverman have welcomed several new dogs to their family over the years, and AGT fans delight in watching Cowell go absolutely heart-eyed anytime a four-legged friend comes around.

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Not only is Cowell a proud father of several pups, but he has also channeled his profound love for his furry friends into animal advocacy by teaming up with Cruelty-Free International to spread awareness about ending animal experimentation worldwide.

Simon Cowell Dogs 3

How many dogs does Simon Cowell have?

Cowell is a proud dog dad to five happy pups: three Yorkshire Terriers named Squiddly, Diddly, and Freddie; a rescue pup named Daisy; and a German Shepherd named Pebbles.

"I have always loved dogs but had no idea how much happiness they would bring to my life," Cowell told Glamour after welcoming Freddie to his household. "Squiddly, Diddly, and now Freddie, are hugely important members of my family — and even the thought of any dog being mistreated sickens me... No dog should be treated in such a way. After all, they are man's (and woman's) best friend."

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Cowell has often sparked confusion over how many dogs he has due to his affinity for holding any dog that enters his field of vision, but we assure you — the AGT Judge is a dog-father of five.

Enjoy a full gallery of Simon's furry family by visiting Cowell's official website, boasting dog pictures galore and heartwarming details about how Cowell first fell in love with each of his precious pups.

Simon Cowell holds his 2 Dogs

When did Simon Cowell adopt his dogs Squiddly & Diddly?

Cowell adopted his darling Yorkshire Terriers Squiddy and Diddly as a pair of puppies in 2013, and they've been inseparable ever since. The dogs made a cameo in a 2024 episode of Britain's Got Talent when preacher Kevon Carter surprised the Judges with a piano accompaniment to the sound of animals.

A cameo from Squiddly, Diddly, and Daisy had Cowell in stitches and became the cherry on top of a great act.

As the first dogs in Cowell's life, Squiddy and Diddly are to thank for the AGT Judge's love for man's best friend. Cowell proudly claims the terriers are two of the "luckiest pups in the world" as he brings Squiddy and Diddly everywhere he can — whether that's a Barbados holiday or a South France getaway. Cowell insists on flying Squiddy and Diddly in his private jet, so those pups are truly living the high life.


When did Simon Cowell adopt his dog Freddie?

Cowell adopted his third Yorkshire Terrier, Freddie, in 2016 after his mother sadly passed away. Freddie had been his mother's beloved dog, so Cowell welcomed the pup into his home without even a second thought. Freddie gets along adorably with Squiddly and Diddly, often joining them in "furs-t class" during their father's many travels.

Cowell takes pride in treating his dogs like his children, an had even teased that ahead of the birth of his son, Eric that he feared he'd love the dogs more than his newborn.

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"I actually said to Lauren beforehand, 'What if I like the dogs more than him?'" Cowell told Extra shortly after Eric's 2014 birth. "Because I've never had a baby before, and she said, 'You're gonna be absolutely fine', and then literally within seconds of him being born, I got it."

Simon Cowell walks his Dogs on the beach

When did Simon Cowell adopt his rescue dog Daisy?

Cowell adopted his rescue mix, Daisy, in 2018 while enjoying a holiday in Barbados. While traveling, Cowell spotted Daisy at a rescue center and fell in love, swiftly adopting her into his family.

That same year, People reported that Cowell donated over $36,000 to Humane Society International to finance a rescue operation in South Korea to shut down a dog meat farm. With his support, Cowell helped rescue 200 dogs from a devastating fate. 

Two years later during an appearance, Cowell got the chance to reunite with one of the rescued dogs, a Maltese mix named Robin, People reported.

When did Simon Cowell adopt his dog Pebbles?

The latest addition to Cowell's furry brood is the adorably fluffy German Shepherd Pebbles, whom he introduced to the family in January 2024. Cowell took to Instagram to make the exciting announcement, sharing a picture of himself holding the massive puppy in his lap and accepting some sweet smooches.

“Our family has had a new arrival … her name is Pebbles,” Cowell captioned the adorable dog picture. Pebbles has formed a beautiful bond with Eric since her arrival, with Cowell sharing some darling photos of the German Shepherd cuddling with his son on his Instagram. Cowell has nothing but love for his furry family, and it seems to just get bigger.

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