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Sharon Goodwin Had a Heartbreaking Interaction With Her Ex on the Latest Chicago Med Episode

A birthday party for Sharon Goodwin and her grandson took a terrible turn after her ex-husband Bert, and her new love, met. 

By Grace Jidoun

Helping take care of a loved one with Alzheimer's disease can be a harrowing experience — but when it’s an ex, there’s an added layer of complexity. Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson), the head honcho of patient and medical services at the hospital on Chicago Med, had a lot of plates spinning already before her ex-husband Bert Goodwin (Gregory Alan Williams) was officially diagnosed with the disease in Season 9, Episode 6. But she made it clear she'd assume some of the burden of caring for him and not let it all fall on their grown children’s shoulders.

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In Episode 9, things take a turn for the worse during a celebratory occasion: a joint birthday party for Sharon and their young grandson Isaiah. The bash with family and a few close co-workers was also an opportunity for Sharon to introduce her new beau, Dr. Dennis Washington (John Earl Jelks), to her children and Bert for the first time. Sharon’s nerves were running high long before the party began. 

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When she ran into Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) at a cafe at the hospital that morning, he swooped in to pay for her coffee, saying, “I’m so pumped for the big bash tonight. It’s pretty cool you have the same birthday as your grandbaby.” Sharon joked, “Here’s hoping that my birthday twin doesn’t pass out before cake.”

Dr. Charles wasted no time asking the hard questions: “So how you feeling about introducing the boyfriend to the family?” Sharon admitted that she only got three hours of sleep the previous night.

Tara, Sharon, and Michael Goodwin assist Bert Goodwin

Dr. Dennis Washington goes all out for Sharon Goodwin's grandson

During some downtime at the hospital, Dr. Washington showed Sharon a pile of presents he picked up for her grandson’s birthday. Noticing her reaction, he asked, "What?"

“Nothing. It’s just very sweet, that's all,” she responded, beaming at Washington, who let out a small sigh of relief and grabbed her hands. He then said, "I just want to make a real good first impression. I know you’re concerned about tonight going well.”

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Sharon opened up about her concerns, saying, “My children have never seen me with anyone but their father, and while I don’t owe Bert the courtesy, I do wonder how it’s going to make him feel. He’s in such a vulnerable place right now.”

Hearing this, Dr. Washington offered to skip the festivities, but Sharon insisted he come, saying, “It’s time. I want them to meet you, and I want you to meet them. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.”

Things start out well at Sharon and her grandson's birthday party

When the birthday party finally arrived, Washington brought a thoughtful present for Sharon's grandson, a set of blocks that the boy can play with Bert with, since the two enjoy this activity together. As Sharon introduced her new boyfriend to the family, there were smiles all around, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly.

Dennis Washington and Bert Goodwin shakes hands

As the party began to wind down, Sharon told Dr. Washington that he made a great impression on her family and that her daughter, Tara, had already pulled her aside to gush about him. As the couple were quietly laughing together, Bert approached them with a hand extended, ready to send Washington on his way.

“You get home safe now,” Bert said, as Sharon looked on. He then turned to his ex-wife and said, “Look, I’m tired. I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll leave the light on for you.” Their daughter Tara gently intervened, explaining to Bert that he no longer lived at that house and offering to take him home. 

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Bert forgot he and Sharon were divorced in confused, emotional outburst

“Get me home? I am home!” Bert exclaimed. When his son Michael said, “This is mom’s house,” the tension rose.

“What are you talking about, 'this is mom’s house'? She’s my wife! This is my house, too,” Bert said. When his daughter tried to redirect him to the couch, he yelled, "I don’t want to have a seat on the couch. I’m tired. I want to go to bed.”

He then told one of his ex-wife colleagues, "I don’t know what they’re saying, that this isn’t my house. They’re trying to steal it from me."

Michael, Sharon and Tara Goodwin help Bert Goodwin sit

After demanding that everyone leave the party, Tara took her dad by the arm to try to get him to sit down. But Bert  pulled his arm away from his daughter, falling into a wall and shattering a sculpture. His kids managed to finally get him to the couch, and then Sharon took over.

She took her ex's hand in hers and told him, "Bert, let’s sing your favorite song." Sharon began softly singing the lyrics, then got Tara to join in. Sharon asked Bert, "You remember this song?," as their son joined in.

Bert eventually started singing, and then, looking around the house, seemed to have a better grasp on the present situation. "This isn’t my house," he tearfully said. "We’re not married.”

Sharon responded, "No, but it’s ok," as Bert sobbed.

To find out how the family will continue to deal with Bert's health issues, watch all-new episodes of Chicago Med on Wednesdays at 8/7c p.m. on NBC and the next day on Peacock.