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Hear Sainted's "Heavenly" Madonna Cover Mel B Said She Felt "In My Soul"

Life is a mystery. But there's no doubt that the Judges loved Sainted's "heavenly" cover of Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Sainted be praised!

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Following their dazzling America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Audition prompting a Golden Buzzer push by their Dream Team mentor Simon Cowell, Sainted came to Semifinals ready to shine even brighter.

“You’ve just got to beat yourself tonight,” Simon told the Charlotte, NC-based choir whose distinct blend of gospel and pop led them to a Semifinals finish in Season 18 on America's Got Talent.

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As always in the NBC competition, choosing the perfect song is key to success. After acing the first round of AGT: Fantasy League  with Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Sainted carefully considered their next performance.

What Song Did Sainted Sing?

Sainted appear onstage during Season 1 Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League

“Our mentor, Simon, has had a great hand in our song selection this time,” Sainted co-founder Fannie Mae told NBC Insider. “Coming out of the last round … he felt like America didn’t get to know us.”

Simon guided them to a song, she said, that would “paint a picture” of “where we came from, where we want to go.”

Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” is the song they selected for their musical self-portrait. The 1989 pop-gospel-and-funk-infused hit is filled with evocative imagery and a catchy melody.

“I don't think anyone's done a great cover version of it yet,” said Simon, adding that it was ripe for reimagining and had “fantastic” lyrics.

The song opens with the words: “Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.” It goes on to say that “When you call my name it’s like a little prayer.” Between their exuberant harmonies and rousing, fluid movement, Sainted put their stamp on the Madonna classic.

What the Judges said

Sainted appear onstage during Season 1 Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League

"I actually feel I’m literally in heaven,” said Simon, who was visibly moved by the emotional punch of the performance. “Seriously, I have seen how hard this group has worked from day one.… I love everything about you.”

Mel B was just as wowed.

“You can sing anything and everything,” she said, adding that their synchronized movements flowed with amazing ease. “I'm not gonna swear … I felt it in my belly, in my soul.”

“Every time you've been on this stage, you’ve delivered an unforgettable performance,” Heidi Klum said.

Howie Mandel joked about Mel B being so captivated she avoided profanity.

“You take us to church,” he told the group. “I feel like we're in church. This experience is spiritual and uplifting … You used the perfect word, Simon. This was heavenly.”

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