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Why Reid Zingale’s “Magical" Voice Made Niall and Gwen Immediately Turn Their Chairs

Reid Zingale's performance of "July" by Noah Cyrus earned a Three-Chair Turn during The Voice Season 24 Blind Auditions.

By Cassidy Ward


Every season of The Voice, thousands of people walk into audition rooms all over the country and bare their souls for total strangers through music. Every step of the way, they don’t know if they’ll be asked to stay or told to leave.

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It’s an incredibly vulnerable state to put yourself in, and that’s before they ever get to sing in front of the superstar Coaches. When that vulnerability shines through in the music, though, it can be magical.

Watch Reid Zingale's Blind Audition on The Voice Season 24, singing "July" by Noah Cyrus 

Reid Zingale performs onstage during the Season 24 Episode 3 of The Voice

Reid Zingale hit the stage for his Blind Audition wielding a guitar and cutting the silence with a gorgeous performance of Noah Cyrus’ “July.” It’s a sad song about unreturned love — about wanting to stay but knowing you should leave. From the first gentle notes, you can almost sense Zingale's power hiding underneath, waiting to come out.

Zingale earned a Two-Chair Turn before the end of the first line, with Niall Horan trailing just half a second behind Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, John Legend  held on until almost the end. 

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Horan described the performance as “magical” and ended his plea for Zingale saying, “I just know my fans are going to love you.”

That may well be true, but the love isn’t reserved for just Horan's fans, which Stefani made clear. 

“Hi, Reid. I’m Gwen,” Stefani began, like an old friend. "...There are certain people on the show that we fall in love with as Artists...I would listen to you [on the radio]. I think you’re really great, and I would love to coach you.”

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Legend also made a compelling argument, but Horan ultimately won the day —  and he did it without the voice of Blake Shelton (and his giant foam finger) as lifelines. This rookie is on fire! 

“Reid is one to watch," Horan said. "I always say I’m listening out for voices with character, some uniqueness, believability, Reid’s got all that in abundance.”