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Why OG Fans Should Be Excited About the New Quantum Leap

The suspense was on high. *Spoilers ahead.*

By Tayi Sanusi
First Look | NBC's Quantum Leap

The time has finally come! The new Quantum Leap has officially premiered on NBC in what's sure to be a thrilling ride through space and time. Here are the major highlights from Quantum Leap Season 1, Episode 1 that are sure to resonate with fans of the original time-traveling show. 

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Ben's first leap introduces us to the new characters and plot while also delivering plenty of nostalgia. 

Episode 1 doesn't waste any time. Within the first few minutes, it's revealed that Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) has vanished into the accelerator. What could possibly go wrong? Spoiler alert: a lot. Although the team back at headquarters was gearing up for a trial, Ben takes matters into his own hands, secretly slipping away from a party to conduct the mission in secret. As if there wasn't enough suspense, shortly after Ben's arrival back in time, he finds he's suffered amnesia and can't remember much of anything. 

The format of the new time-travel show still reflects the original, while an exciting roster of new characters raises the stakes. 

Addison Augustine fills the role of "The Observer," guiding Ben through his first mission.

In a plot shift from the original, Ben's right hand, Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), is also his fiancée. However, when she shows up as a hologram to aid Ben's mission, it becomes clear that his memory loss has also wiped away their entire relationship. Despite the setback, Addison manages to help Ben navigate the mission. 

Making "The Observer" role Ben's romantic partner, instead of his friend, heightens the energy of their dynamic, bringing an intensity that presents the opportunity for so many exciting plot developments. 

The dramatic tension of Ben's first leap lays the groundwork for a strong season. 

As the headquarters team starts unraveling the mystery behind Ben's decision to leap in secret, they're also trying to figure out what he needs to do to get home. It becomes clear that Ben has assumed the body of an undercover cop and is tasked with saving the life of a family man-turned bank robber (Ryan), who's participating in a heist to pay for his dying wife's medical bills. Unfortunately, history shows that Ryan gets shot in an altercation on the night of the robbery. 

Yep, we are off to a nail-biting start. 

The show will hit you right in the feels when needed, then stop your heart—just like the OG. 

With Addison's help, Ben saves Ryan. So, yes, fans will get all the mushy feels brought on by the OG series.

However, we wouldn't have a show if the final resolution was too quick: Ben soon realizes that the success of the mission isn't enough. The new Quantum Leap coding is still a mystery, and Ben is forced into another leap instead of being sent back to the present day. Cue the tension yet again! 

It's that push and pull of sentiment and excitement that made the original Quantum Leap work—and what makes this new one soar. Get ready, we're in for a wild ride.  

Quantum Leap airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC and next day on Peacock

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