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Watch Thousands Cheer as Niall Horan Drinks a Shot Out of His Shoe

In honor of performing in Australia, the Voice Coach did a "Shoey," a long-held drinking tradition in the country. 

By Jackie Manno

Niall Horan is having a shoe-tastic experience on his 2024 tour. 

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On April 28, The Voice Coach alum gave fans a special glimpse into his experience performing in Brisbane, Australia. In a clip posted to his official Instagram page, the "This Town" singer drank from a shoe while the crowd went wild. The move is actually a long-held Australian tradition called a "Shoe-y." When in Rome (or, should we say, Brisbane)! 

In the post, we also got to see him shredding a guitar and embracing his time down under by playing with a lemur and cockatoo at the zoo. 

"Australia Zoo and Night Twenty-Six Brisbane," Horan captioned the post.

See the epic post here.

Horan has always been one to be moved by his fans' love. In November 2023, he reflected on a year of festival performances in a sweet Instagram post that showed him being brought to tears in concert while the audience cheered him on. 

Currently, Horan is embarking on his international The Show tour. Read all about it here

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Niall Horan on The Voice Episode 2418

Niall Horan talks about his newest album, The Show

Horan's third studio album, The Show, was released in June 2023. In an interview with NBC Insider, the Ireland native opened up about how this project is different from his previous works. 

“I would say for the new stuff, there is some experimentation going on," he said. "Just stuff I've gathered over the years, you know, like ideas that I've had, things that I've learned influenced me, I'm starting to hear them all already come through my music. So consciously, naturally, whatever you want to call it, it's just kind of happening." 

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He added, “It feels really good. Feels the most mature. Again, I haven't released music since I was 25 or 26, and to be closing in on 30, I think you just gather more information as you go. So I'm starting to hear all of that stuff [in] my music. And what I'm saying is a bit more grown up, I guess. And I wanted the sound of that to match what I'm saying. So I think it's my favorite stuff. And the best stuff that I've made."