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Who Makes It Home in the La Brea Series Finale?

After three epic seasons, who makes it home alive in the La Brea series finale?

By Tara Bennett

Spoilers below for the series finale of La Brea!

Despite the abrupt portal appearances that sucked people into large chasms and myriad dinosaur attacks over three seasons, not a lot of primary characters kicked the bucket on NBC's time-travel drama, La Brea. With the series finale tying up all of the various storylines, viewers assumed that a good portion of the portal survivors would not be making it back to the future. Yet surprise, surprise, showrunner/creator David Appelbaum went for a far sunnier ending.

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In fact, the biggest death of the season occurred in the penultimate episode, when Levi Delgado (Nicholas Gonzalez) took a bullet to protect Gavin and Izzy Harris. However, there were definitely some twists of note that we breakdown below.

Who Survives the Series Finale of La Brea?

Ty Coleman's big decision is a bittersweet one

Scott and Ty stand outside in La Brea Episode 306.

After conquering his own issues and cancer, Ty Coleman (Chiké Okonkwo) came through the crazy events in the series a much better man. Finding purpose and the love of his life in Paara (Tonantzin Carmelo) made a huge difference in the whole trajectory of his existence, so of course going back to 2021 wasn't really an option. 

After Paara was found alive post T-rex attack, Ty made the call to stay in 10,000 BC with her to the end of their days. Of course, it made the rest of the survivors, and his close friends Gavin (Eoin Macken) and Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) very sad. But Ty's new happiness and purpose made it easier for them to leave him behind. We just hope Ty's ingenuity keeps the rest of the fort dwellers alive and safe. 

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The bad gal deserved what she got at the end of La Brea

Helena appears outside in a black jacket in La Brea Episode 306.

A lot of people were uncertain if Gavin's long-lost sister, Helena (Emily Wiseman) could be trusted. Even up through the finale episode, she had audiences guessing if she was really trying to make things right, or going to betray her brother. Helena has her day when they eventually face off against the very evil Maya Schmidt (Claudia Ware), who is head of the private security company, Reisander Group. As Maya pulls a gun on Josh Harris (Jack Martin) to stop Gavin from destroying the chip, Helena pulls out her own piece and shoots Maya dead. Turns out she's a great sister and a crack shot. 

Everybody's happy and no one is hurt at the end of La Brea- a true miracle!

Gavin, Izzy, Eve, and Josh have a discussion outside in La Brea Episode 306.

The disaster series ended up with a far more peaceful conclusion than anyone expected. Eve (Natalie Zea) reunited with Gavin, Josh and Izzy in Los Angeles in 2021. Josh found Riley (Veronica St. Clair) recovering in the hospital and admitted that he's loved her since the first moment he saw her. Scott reconnected with a woman who rightfully dumped him when he was a hot mess. Dr. Sam (Jon Seda) and Riley came full circle and had hope for a much better family life. And Veronica (Lily Santiago) and Lucas' (Josh McKenzie) baby showed up nice and healthy in their first ultrasound. Quite the roundup of happy endings we didn't see coming!

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