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Kristen Wiig's Final SNL Ended with a 30 Rock Ice Rink Party and a Chipped Tooth

Wiig told Jimmy Fallon she's "excited" to become a member of SNL's Five Timers Club on April 6, and shared a memory of singing karaoke with Jason Sudeikis.

By Samantha Vincenty

We're not the only ones excited that Kristen Wiig's returning to 30 Rock to host Saturday Night Live on April 6—Jimmy Fallon shared the same sentiment when Wiig stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Because she's Kristen Wiig, the Palm Royale star committed to two hilarious bits during her interview, including a game where she tried to guess the plots of movies she's never seen, like Twilight and The Notebook ("I know it's Ryan Gosling, and he's a...farmer?"). She also shared a few memories from her seven years as a popular SNL cast member.

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Wiig is hosting with musical guest Raye, in her second Season 49 appearance after joining December 16 Host Kate McKinnon for several sketches alongside Maya Rudolph. 

"I guess I'm in the Five Timers Club," Wiig said, as April 6 will be the fifth show she's hosted. "I don't really know what that means, but I'm excited!"

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Kristen Wiig during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1944

Kristen Wiig looks back at her last SNL episode and after-show karaoke

Wiig was a Saturday Night Live cast member from 2005-2012; her last episode was on May 19, 2012, which was also Andy Samberg's exit. While she and Fallon didn't overlap as cast members, they both fondly remember the singular experience of making live late-night TV. 

"Were you an after-party person when you were a cast member?" Fallon asked.

Wiig heartily confirmed it with a prolonged "Yeah." 

"Well, there's the after party, and then there's the after-after party," Wiig continued. "I liked to after-after. They were...crazy?"

"Was it in, like, a dive bar?" Fallon asked. 

"Sometimes they were, or just like a random bar," Wiig said. "They would start at 3, 4, in the morning. I can't do that now!" 

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Fallon clarified that while those wee hours are indeed crazy, "The thing is, the show — Saturday Night Live ends at 1, and you're so pumped. You're like, 'Let's do another show, guys!' So you have a lot of energy."

"And we were younger then," added Wiig who, like Fallon, is a parent to two kids these days. Wiig and her husband Avi Rothman welcomed twins Shiloh and Luna in 2020. 

"Oh, my gosh. Don't I know it," Fallon laughed, sharing his memory of a live band karaoke night at The Cutting Room. 

"I remember doing 'Living on a Prayer' with Jason Sudeikis," Wiig recalled.

Maya Rudolph Kate Mckinnon Kristen Wiig during the monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1852

Wiig also recounted the incredible party after her last episode, which Fallon described as "epic" with Dave Grohl among the guests. 

"That wasn't karaoke, but they had the band outside in the ice rink," Wiig said, referring to the iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza ice rink. "It was my very last show, and I chipped my tooth that night. I really partied, guys!"

"Classic move," Fallon joked. "How'd you chip your tooth?"

"Well, I was drinking a beer — I had the bottle, and someone elbowed the bottle," Wiig explained. "I know!" she told the gasping Tonight Show audience.

"But I didn't care! I was like, 'Oh, well!'" Wiig said. "And then I woke up the next day, and I was like, 'Wait a minute...Something's sharp in my mouth." 

In addition to hundreds of sketches, Wiig's time on SNL apparently gave her something to remember (some corrective dental work).

Watch Kristen Wiig host Saturday Night Live on April 6, airing on NBC and Peacock and streaming next day on Peacock.