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Kodi Lee’s One of a Kind Version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Is Genius

Kodi Lee's mother told AGT: Fantasy League producers that she hoped the cover "could help Kodi get to that next level.”

By Jax Miller

America's Got Talent legend Kodi Lee took a risk by ditching his original work for the first time this season in favor of adding his own spin to a famous song during the America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Finals.

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The America’s Got Talent Season 14 Winner “Kodified” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” — as Judge Howie Mandel put it — a change for the singer and pianist who, while not afraid to do impressive covers, has wrote and performed his own music so far on Fantasy League. The decision came after Howie Mandel used the Golden Buzzer to take Kodi from Judge Simon Cowell’s Dream Team during the Semifinals following Kodi’s tribute song to his mother, Tina.

Kodi Lee’s Finals Performance

Kodi Lee appears onstage during Season 1 Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League

Kodi gave audiences chills with a haunting piano rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” one unlike the rock and roll version initially released in 1975. For Kodi — who lives with autism and blindness — the song was a way for him to branch out with his talent.

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Tina confessed the song would be a “tough challenge,” but it was important that Kodi kept expanding with his talent.

“Kodi wants to hear his music on the radio every day,” the mother said. “Maybe this could help Kodi get to that next level.”

The live audience swayed lights in the air as Kodi sang the ballad, bringing AGT: Fantasy League Judges to their feet and leaving them in awe.

What Did the Judges Say?

Kodi Lee appears onstage during Season 1 Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League

There was no doubt that Kodi remains one of Got Talent’s genius musical acts, but it came down to whether picking the Queen song over an original composition was a wise choice.

“You’re a star; you always deliver,” said Kodi’s mentor, adding he was “so proud” to have the singer on Team Howie (perhaps a dig after stealing Kodi from Cowell’s team).

Judge Mel B. called “Bohemian Rhapsody” “a good song choice” but said she preferred to hear Kodi’s original work.

“So [that] I can hear your vocals, your heart, your passion,” she said. “I just want you to be you.”

Judge Heidi Klum echoed Mel B.’s sentiment, adding that Kodi was “so very talented.” She cited how much she loved Kodi’s Semifinals performance, adding: “Not to take away from what you just did, but I loved your own songs so much!”

As for Kodi’s original mentor, Cowell found the importance of looking at Kodi’s body of work on Fantasy League, noting that his two previous songs were his own: Kodi’s first being his powerful track, “Change,” which helped him garner a standing ovation from the Audience, and the second song dedicated to his mother titled “Journey of You and I,” which helped Kodi earn his second Golden Buzzer.

The Judge called them “amazing, amazing songs,” adding that he was “fascinated” that no matter what others suggested, Kodi always did his “own take on it.”

“You use these words ‘Star Quality’ a lot, but you genuinely, Kodi, over the years we’ve got to know you, you’ve just got better as an artist,” Cowell told the contestant. “You’ve never given up, and the Finals just wouldn’t be the same without you in it this year.”

When asked by Host Terry Crews how he felt moving from Team Simon to Team Howie, Kodi said, “It was so amazing.”

But will Kodi’s recent cover be enough for him to win Fantasy League’s debut Season?

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