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Kelly Clarkson Had the Best Response to a Woman Who Hit on Her During Her Concert

The singer turned the offer down in a hilariously honest way. 

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson has the greatest sense of humor! 

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On July 28, while performing during her Las Vegas residency at the Planet Hollywood Bakkt Theater, the "Since U Been Gone" singer read a flirty sign held up by a female fan in the audience that read "My Boyfriend Gave Me a Hall Pass For You." Clarkson spotted the message, and immediately gave a clever response. 

Kelly Clarkson gives cheeky response to female fan who hit on her during her Vegas residency 

"If I was into chicks, I'd take up the offer. I just, unfortunately, like dicks," Clarkson retorted, causing the crowd to go wild. Check out the clip here

Clarkson released her 10th studio album titled Chemistry on June 23, 2023. The 14-track album features the amazing singles "mine" and "me," which she performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show shortly after their release. 

Kelly Clarkson appears on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

In an introspective Instagram post, Clarkson shared with fans some of her emotional inspiration behind the album. "Having chemistry with someone is an incredible, and overwhelming, feeling," Clarkson wrote. "It’s like you have no choice in the matter. You are just drawn to each other. This can be good and bad. This album takes you down every path that chemistry could lead you down. We decided to release [the first singles] 'mine' and 'me' at the same time because I didn’t want to release just one song to represent an entire album, or relationship. There are many stages of grief and loss on this album. Each song is a different stage and emotional state." 

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This June, Clarkson also announced that she'd be doing a 10-show residency in Las Vegas titled Chemistry: An Intimate Evening. The show opened on July 28 (where she performed an amazing rendition of "As it Was" by Harry Styles), and will close on August 19. 

Kelly Clarkson walking the red carpet.

The week she announced her residency, Clarkson also explained the relatable reason why she's choosing not to go on tour for the album. "People are saying: 'Are you going on tour?''" she said in an Instagram video. "Here's the thing. This is why I announced the 10 shows in Vegas. I was not being like, 'Oh, it's a secret we've really got this huge tour we're gonna do right after.' It's not that situation. It really is like — I don't know if y'all noticed, but I have like a 9 to 5-er. I have, like, a job that's like a lot of work and takes time. And, I also have kids, y'know, they're in school. So I get really tied down to those things obviously. So we are trying to figure out what the possibilities are in certain parts of out calendar. We are trying to do that."