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Kacey Musgraves Says She Almost Died Filming a Music Video in Iceland

"This video will be my death announcement," recalled the country music queen.

By Christopher Rudolph

Calling all Muskrats!

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On March 15, Kacey Musgraves released her highly-anticipated new album, Deeper Well, and to celebrate the occasion, Mother "Mossgraves" swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, March 14, to talk about her new tunes and her recent trip to Iceland, which turned out to be a terrifying windy whirlwind.

The Grammy winner took a trip to Iceland to film the music video for the lead single and title track off of Deeper Well. While her latest album might be chill and calm, the Icelandic weather was anything but.

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"It's like another planet. It's kind of sci-fi, but it's really earthy. It's amazing," described Musgraves. Host Jimmy Fallon played a clip from the music video, which features the singer walking along a cliff through the beautiful and desolate Icelandic landscape.

"We picked the worst possible week to go. I was so excited, it was on my bucket list," she told Fallon. "It was high wind advisories. I almost got blown off that cliff. 'This video will be my death announcement' because it was a sheer drop down to the ocean. It was treacherous. Even the locals were like, 'This is some scary shit.'"

As if we didn't already believe Musgraves, Fallon showed a behind-the-scenes video of Musgraves and her crew on set freaking out in the frightening windstorm. 

The "Slow Burn" singer continued to recount her Iceland adventure, including her scary trip to the famous Blue Lagoon where she was "body slammed by waves."

"All week the weather was just terrible," she admitted. So on her last night in Iceland, one of her managers, Bobby, took her in their rental van to go searching for the Northern Lights.

Kacey Musgraves' Iceland adventure was a terrifying windy whirlwind

Kacey Musgraves plays the guitar on stage during the Glastonbury Festival

"'I know you want to see the Northern Lights, kid. If you wanna go see the Northern Lights, I'll take ya. We've got the rental van. It looks like the clearest spot will be about two and a half hours from here,'" Bobby said to her. "I was like, 'YOLO, Bobby, we only live once.' Bobby and I loaded up the passenger van; we had a really early call time the next morning so we we're like, 'We've gotta do this. We gotta see this through.'"

She continued, "So we're driving. There's not a soul out there, it's just pitch black. We're just going. Hour passes by, two hours." They eventually see a hint of the lights, and decide to turn around, being content seeing at least a glimmer of them at all.

"We're speeding back to the hotel. About two weeks later Bobby gets something in the mail, and apparently we broke the law in Iceland. We got a speeding ticket," she said. The ticket was only $10, "so it was worth it, obviously... I actually framed it for Bobby for Christmas," Musgraves said. 

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Musgraves has been a regular around 30 Rockefeller Center lately. Not only did she appear on The Tonight Show, but she was the musical guest on the March 2 episode of Saturday Night Live, and she performed on TODAY on March 15, to celebrate the release of Deeper Well.

In addition to sharing terrifying travel stories on The Tonight Show, she also debuted her gorgeous new track, "The Architect," off of her latest album. Watch the beautiful performance in the video below.

Kacey Musgraves: The Architect