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Dr. Reynolds Had Some of the Most Intense Moments in New Amsterdam Season 4

The personal life of Jocko Sims' character was tumultuous to say the least. 

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
Sharpe Leaves Max Waiting | NBC’s New Amsterdam

With the fifth and final season of New Amsterdam premiering on Tuesday, September 20, we can't help but theorize over what's next for some of our favorite characters—especially considering a Season 4 finale that left us with way more questions than answers.

One doctor that had a particularly eventful season was Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims). Below, we reviewed his biggest moments that'll hopefully clue us in on what's to come.

What happened to Reynolds (Jocko Sims) in New Amsterdam Season 4?

As usual, Reynolds' personal and professional life took some major hits during Season 4, but we'll start with the biggest news first: He's going to be a father.

Yes, Reynolds' relationship with Dr. Lyn Malvo became increasingly serious when she told him she was pregnant. But the situation was beyond complicated because Malvo was in an open marriage with his boss, Dr. Claude Baptiste. (In Episode 6's "Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye", Reynolds and Malvo awkwardly revealed their relationship to a disgruntled Baptiste.) Both men ended up taking a paternity test to determine who the baby's biological father was, and it turned out to be Reynolds'. However, he soon learned that Malvo and Baptiste were moving out of state, putting his presence in his unborn child's life on shaky ground. Ultimately, despite abandonment issues due to his own father, Reynolds decided that his child would have great parents in Malvo and Baptiste. And though he wants to be in his child's life in the future, he decided now—or at least during Season 4—was not the right time to do so.

New Amsterdam Jocko Sims

As far as his career, Reynolds nearly lost his job early on in the season after a round of Victoria Fuentes' layoffs. But thanks to Max, his job was restored as he took over Baptiste's role as Chair of General Surgery. But later on in the season, in a shocking betrayal, Fuentes revealed in Episode 14's "Unto the Breach” that a well-intentioned Reynolds told her about the Resistance movement in the hospital. Though he outed his friends, he was now a Fuentes favorite when she restored many of the surgeries she had previously removed from his schedule. But by the end of the season he managed to regain some trust with his colleagues and was at Max and Helen's disastrous almost-wedding.

But that's not the end of Reynolds' Season 4 story. During the finale, rocked by his newfound connection with fatherhood, he was determined to find his own father. But his attempts to confront the man were interrupted by a Category 4 storm. Once the hurricane ended, his father deflected Reynolds' questions but leaves a door open for their relationship by asking for recommendations for a shoulder doctor. 

What could be next for Reynolds in New Amsterdam Season 5?

We just hope that Reynolds is able to find closure with his biological father and work out a fair and reasonable arrangement with Malvo in regards to their child—and Sims wants that, too.

"I would hope that he finds a good balance with his kid and Dr. Malvo, who is the mother of his child—if that is such the case, right?" he told NBC Insider. "There's all kinds of twists and turns in television. And I hope that he's able to get some answers to some questions that he has, regarding his father."

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