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A Look Back at Max's Tumultuous Journey In New Amsterdam Season 4

From going head-to-head with Fuentes to heartbreak, it was a tough season for Ryan Eggold's character. 

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
Sharpe Leaves Max Waiting | NBC’s New Amsterdam

With New Amsterdam's premiere of its fifth and final season around the corner on Tuesday, September 20, we can't help but what look back at all that's happened on the series in recent months. Especially for our leading man, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) whose Season 4 was full of ups and downs, and as we saw in the finale, eventually crushing heartbreak.

Below, we recap everything that went down with Max in the fourth season—and everything we can expect next.

What happened to Max (Ryan Eggold) in New Amsterdam Season 4?

The fourth season was a rollercoaster for Max. Despite his reluctance to leave New Amsterdam, he stepped down from his role as the hospital's Medical Director so he and Helen could begin their new life in London. But while Helen was working with the NHS, Max still had to get his UK medical license and was out of a job.

His exit also meant Dr. Veronica Fuentes took over, and we all know that was a disaster for New Amsterdam. Fuentes was the antithesis of Max and his "How can I help?" mantra. She ran the hospital like a business with a string of firings, worsening conditions for doctors and patients, and doing anything to cut costs. It got so bad that a secret Resistance was started (and largely led by Wilder) to work against her regime.

New Amsterdam Ryan Eggold3

Max and Helen were brought back to New York through tragedy following Dr. Vijay's death. But while Helen ended up returning to London, Max stayed behind after seeing the impact of Fuentes' leadership. He vowed to do his best to oust the new Medical Director, despite him no longer even being employed by New Amsterdam but also not being able to practice medicine at any other hospital. However, Fuentes proved to be incredibly difficult to take down, especially after his first attempt to get her fired for criminal negligence in Episode 19's "Truth Be Told." 

Eventually it wasn't Max who took her down in the next episode, but a strike put on by essential workers protesting her policies. Their protest triggered her resignation, and just like that, an obstacle that had plagued Max (and the rest of the staff) was gone. This left New Amsterdam without a Medical Director, but when Max is re-offered the role, he turns it down. Instead, he's focused on Helen and romantically suggests she fly to NYC the next day so they can get married—and she agrees.

But just 24 hours later during the Season 4 finale, as Max was waiting on the roof of New Amsterdam to marry his love, he gets a call. It's Helen, and she still in London—which means she's not marrying Max.

New Amsterdam Season 5

What's next for Max in New Amsterdam Season 5?

Naturally the biggest question is what will Max do without Helen? She was supposed to be the best friend and love his life, and he moved thousands of miles away to London with her. So with their breakup, his personal life is very much up in the air. There's also the fact that New Amsterdam's Medical Director position is still open. Will Max reconsider, or is their room for new leadership? We'll just have to wait and see.

Season 4 of New Amsterdam is now streaming on Peacock.

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