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Why Gwen Stefani Says She Never Thought She Would Ever Meet Blake Shelton

We're glad they did! 

By Jessica White
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Late Night With Seth Meyers always has an entertaining lineup of guest stars. But having The Voice Season 22 Coach Gwen Stefani sit down with Meyers is a special treat. On the September 8 episode, Meyers and Stefani chatted about the upcoming season of The Voice, premiering Monday, September 19 at 8/7c on NBC, and going on the road with her fellow Voice Coach and husband Blake Shelton this past summer. 

"It's been really fun," Stefani tells Meyers. "It's something I never thought would ever happen to me. He invited me to be on a couple of his tracks, a couple of duets, and they went to #1 country radio!" 

Fans of Shelton and Stefani are not surprised that a rock-and-roll artist like Stefani could blend effortlessly with The Voice's country king Shelton. However, Stefani herself is still in shock. 

"I wouldn't have predicted ever meeting Blake Shelton," Stefani says. "And then being on the road with him and hopping on his stage. It's been really fun."

Meyers noted the fan base differences between Shelton's country fans and the punk-rock love for No Doubt, but Stefani admits that the two genres have come together seamlessly while on tour. 

"You'd be surprised," Stefani reveals. "We're definitely cross-pollinating."

"He asks me to do songs all the time [on tour]," Stefani explains. "He wants me to come on, and sometimes I'll do, like, 'Don't Speak.' It's pretty incredible to be able to have a song that you get out there, and you think, 'Do they know me?' Are they gonna be like, 'Why is she here?'"

But Stefani admits the love for No Doubt is timeless as ever, and Shelton's fans know how to rock out. "They know all the words, and you're like, 'Oh my God, this is crazy!'"

It sounds like when fans get tickets to see Shelton or Stefani on tour, there's always the chance for a possible duet! The same is true for Season 22 of The Voice, with many fans excited to see the recently-wedded lovebirds battle it out for the season win. 

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