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Genie With Melissa McCarthy Becomes the Most-Streamed Peacock Original Movie

The Melissa McCarthy comedy Genie is the runaway success of the holiday season!

By Chris Phelan

Peacock viewers have spoken: Genie tops their wish lists this holiday season!

Premiering on November 22, Genie – fueled by an award-winning comedic performance by Oscar® nominee Melissa McCarthy – has topped the streaming charts for weeks, and now it’s official. The instant-classic Christmas film holds the distinction as the most-streamed original film in Peacock history.

Fresh, innovative, and genuinely hilarious holiday classics don’t come around too often these days, but we're happy to report Genie has bucked the trend on Peacock.

Genie Reaches Instant-Classic Holiday Movie Status

Paapa Essiedu and Melissa McCarthy stand outside in a scene from the new movie GENIE

Penned by Richard Curtis, the mastermind screenwriter behind classics like Love, Actually and Notting Hill, the movie revolves around an ordinary man, an extraordinary genie, and getting one last chance to fix the chaotic mess known as your life. While Melissa McCarthy steals the show as the hilarious genie who had previously been trapped in a jewelry box for over two millennia, the film’s strong supporting cast and unforgettable story have been a hit for Peacock subscriptions since its release.

Speaking to NBC Insider ahead of the film’s Peacock release, Curtis revealed that the end product was a genuine collaborative effort among cast and crew, explicitly pointing out Melissa McCarthy’s penchant for ad-libbing as much as humanly possible during different takes.

“The deal I like is that at some point they kind of do, do your lines and you know Melissa was great about that,” Curtis revealed. “She said yes to the script. She loved the script. She did it, but while she was making the film she would say – wait a minute, I’ve got a little idea here and do something new.”

In the end, Curtis confessed he was inspired by two things while writing the Genie script and felt like he accomplished his goals.

“This is a movie about friendship and family, and those are the two, you know, biggest things in my life," Curtis said.”

Peacock is Dominating the Streaming World Going Into 2024

Melissa McCarthy dressed up in gold tinsel to resemble a Christmas tree in a scene from the new movie GENIE

Peacock is closing out 2023 with a bang, with the streaming service setting the bar other platforms can’t possibly reach – the Peacock simulcast of November’s The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade helped propel the event into the stratosphere, giving it the distinction of most-watched parade of all time.

Genie’s runaway success isn’t the only thing to celebrate! Peacock recently crossed an impressive milestone – the award-winning streaming service has officially hit the 30 million subscriber mark! As 2024 rapidly approaches, viewers are finding out first-hand that Peacock is the only destination in streaming entertainment. After all, it’s the exclusive place to watch classic NBC sitcoms like The Office and Parks and Rec, original movies like Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie and Genie, and engaging original content like Love Island USA and WWE’s thrilling monthly Premium Live Events, including historic pro wrestling events like WrestleMania and Royal Rumble.

(Oh, and let’s not forget the cultural phenomenon known as Suits, a USA Original series that is still topping the streaming charts due to a particularly viral renaissance!)

If you haven’t watched Genie yet, don’t worry – it makes for a particularly perfect Christmas Eve viewing experience!

Genie, Peacock’s most-watched original movie, is currently streaming on Peacock.

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