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Joe & Screaming Contestants Battle Bats, Flying Fish & More in Deal or No Deal Island Bloopers

Howie Mandel never had to deal with a bat dive-bombing him on the original show!

By James Grebey

One major difference between the original Deal or No Deal and the new NBC series Deal or No Deal Island is that there weren’t so many wild animals on the set of the classic game show. There weren’t any wild animals bothering Howie Mandel, actually. The same cannot be said for Deal or No Deal Island’s host, Joe Manganiello. In a new, animalistic blooper reel, Manganiello has one of his takes ruined when a bat flies into him. 

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The bat, which seemed like it was a little guy rather than some sort of giant fruit bat or, worse, a ghoulish vampire, left Manganiello bemused but unscathed. The same cannot be said for some of the contestants, as other behind-the-scenes footage shows that some of the wildlife on The Banker's private island has a taste for blood. 

The Deal or No Deal Island Cast Fights Off Local Wildlife on The Banker's Private Island

“Something just bit the f--- out of me!” screams Amy McCoy when she and a few other cast members are conversing in knee-deep ocean water. (Somebody guesses that it was a barracuda, but there would probably be a lot more blood if that were the case. Still… ouch!)

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On dry land, Alyssa Klinzing has “a diva moment” as she’s bitten by a swarm of bugs. “I cannot do the insects anymore,” she says, wishing that Miranda Harrison was still around, as the recently eliminated contestant was a pest exterminator. Alas, no such luck.  

Joe Manganiello crouches next to Aron Barbell who is on a zipline on Deal or No Deal Island Episode 103

Finally, there’s a clip where the contestants and Manganiello are looking at what appears to be a school of flying fish going nuts a few feet from the shore — presumably trying to escape some predator hunting them below the surface. 

When one concerned contestant asks if there are sharks in the water, Manganiello quickly deflects by asking, “What kind of wine does a flying fish pair with?”

That’s not a “no,” Joe…

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island air on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC, and will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.