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Joe Manganiello Teases Deal or No Deal Island Drama: "They’re Going After Each Other's Throats"

“I think people are going to lose their minds when they see some of what’s going on,” series host Joe Manganiello predicted.

By James Grebey
Joe Manganiello sits at a table on the beach with a silver briefcase

In the original Deal or No Deal, the contestants went through the ringer, but they were only battling wills with the Banker for the length of one game. On the new Deal or No Deal Island series, the 13 contestants stick around for much longer, and they’re competing not just against the Banker but against each other as they brave physical challenges and the stress of picking the right briefcase in a bid to be the ultimate winner of the biggest prize in Deal or No Deal history. It’s a lot of pressure, and as host Joe Manganiello teased, it leads to some fireworks.

How to Watch

Watch Deal or No Deal Island Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

“My favorite moments are the moments when they would go off,” Manganiello explained to NBC Insider ahead of the Monday night premiere.“Not to say that I’m happy about someone’s mystery, but, look… let’s be real here. In a show like this, you’re hoping that somebody yells at somebody else. Those moments where you just sit back and they’re going after each other’s throats for something that happened in camp.” 

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“Sometimes I couldn’t believe yelling at somebody like that or behaving that way. Especially with the camera rolling,” Manganiello continued. The contestants — who range in background from a distinguished Survivor veteran to an older woman who might be more formidable than her relatively frail appearance would let on — can be forgiven for snapping. The stakes are so high that Manganiello said he “totally understands” these dramatic breakdowns.

Kamari Love, Joe Manganiello, and Ben Crofchick pose near briefcases in Deal or No Deal Episode 101.

“But, at the same time… pull out your popcorn,” he teased. “I get a front-row seat to some unbelievable crazy dramatic thing that’s going to happen that I know, in a few months, everybody’s going to see. It’s really fun.

“I think people are going to lose their minds when they see some of what’s going on,” Manganiello predicted.

Deal or No Deal Island will premiere with a 90-minute special at 9:30 p.m. tonight, Monday, February 26, 2024. Following this supersized first episode, subsequent episodes will air on its regularly scheduled timeslot starting on Monday, March 4 at 10 p.m.