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Craig Melvin Spontaneously Got His Left Ear Pierced for the Cutest Reason

"You know I'm not an earring guy," he told his TODAY co-Hosts.

By Christopher Rudolph

An ear piercing turned into a family affair for TODAY's Craig Melvin.

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When his daughter, Sybil, turned 5 in 2021, for a birthday present she wanted to get her ears pierced. But when it came to time for the actual piercing, a nervous Sybil asked if her dad could go first.

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“When we got there, she was like, ‘Daddy, would you do yours first?’ And I was like, ‘Uhhh…’” Melvin revealed to TODAY at the time. 

When he showed up to the TODAY show studio, he debuted his new stud — a black onyx one, to be precise — to his co-Hosts and viewers at home.

"You know I'm not an earring guy," he told Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Al Roker. "My daughter, she went to get her ears pierced for her 5th birthday and she wanted daddy to participate. So daddy took one for the team."

"I think you should have multiple piercings," joked Guthrie. 

It turns out that the ear piercing session was a bonding moment for the family because after Melvin got his stud, his 7-year-old son, Delano, followed, getting his ear pierced and picking the same stud as his father. Melvin's wife, sports broadcaster Lindsay Czarniak, also joined in on the fun, adding two new holes to her ears. Sybil finally did get her birthday wish and got her ears pierced, picking out some Hello Kitty-themed studs, according to TODAY.

“It was good for the family. It was great bonding," explained Melvin. “All of my family and friends who've known me for a long time are flat-out stunned about the piercing. I'm not the piercing kind of guy.”

When asked by his TODAY co-Hosts if the stud would be staying, Melvin said, "We'll see."

"Get an eye patch and a parrot, it'd be fantastic," teased Roker.

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How Craig Melvin was inspired to write his new children's book, I'm Proud of You

Craig Melvin smiles on TODAY

On May 7, Melvin released his first children's book, I'm Proud of You, which as he explained to his son, Delano — who is now 10 — he wrote because he wanted "a book that celebrated fatherhood. That celebrated you. That celebrated your sister. That celebrated, like, just being a parent. And I wanted to write something that you would enjoy."

"I remember when you tied your shoes the first time. I remember when you made your first basket," he continued. "I wanted to write something that celebrated the small things."

Whether it's celebrating the small things, or turning an ear piercing into a family adventure, Melvin continues to model what it means to be a great dad.