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Chance the Rapper Has a Brilliant Way of Deciding When to Wear His "3" Hat in Public

"I was hoping I would never get asked this question on TV," The Voice Coach told Seth Meyers on Late Night about the mystery surrounding when he wears the hat. 

By Christopher Rudolph

After becoming a fan-favorite Coach on Season 23 of The Voice, Chance the Rapper briefly returned the following season as a Top 12 mentor. Now, to the delight of viewers, he is back on the Coaches panel for Season 25.

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“I wanted to be a Coach on The Voice because I like giving platforms to young Artists — especially people who are already seasoned in their trade and know what they’re doing but just need the right spotlight. I wanted to be a part of the process,” he told NBC Insider back during his original season. 

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On February 27, Chance was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about returning to the singing competition series. Since Chance didn't win the first season he was on, Host Seth Meyers asked him if he learned any lessons that he thinks will help him be victorious this time around.

"Not really. I don't know yet. It's yet to be seen," Chance told Meyers. "We had our first episode last night, and I looked like I was doing pretty good on the show."

"Me and John [Legend], we got into a little thing last night where one of the Contestants that we both turned [our chairs] for was a huge fan of John. And John being as excited as he is, he offered to duet one of his own original songs with her, as a sort of a bribe," explained Chance.

He continued, "But what happened, I actually offered to do the same. I offered to sing John Legend's song with her as well, and I actually won the Contestant." (He's referring to Nadège who ultimately chose to join Chance's team.)

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Chance the Rapper's famous "3" hat 

Chance The Rapper during a promo shoot for The Voice season 25

Fans watching The Voice know Chance wears his signature "3" hat every episode. The origins of the "3" symbol actually come from his third project, 2016’s Coloring Book. He explained to GQ “I wanted to put something else on the hat, And so I decided to do ‘3.' I just thought that that made the most sense because it was the third project. Also, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what the title of the project was going to be and what typography to put the title in. The original title for the project was, uh, The Magnificent Coloring Book. But that’s just so many words and it looks so shitty, no matter how I put it on the hat.”

Meyers asked Chance about wearing his hat, "I'm wondering if you ever want to not be recognized do you ever wear a different hat?" To this, Chance hilariously said, "I was hoping I would never get asked this question on TV, [but] yes, I do. That's why I wear bucket hats or other stuff when I'm out in public sometimes. But then sometimes I wear the "3" hats. Sometimes I want a discount or something!" 

Honestly, so relatable!