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Bradley Whitford's Brooklyn Nine-Nine Blooper Made Melissa Fumero Cry Laughing

Whitford, Fumero, and Andy Samberg had a bloody good time on set when the West Wing actor played Jake's dad.

By Christopher Rudolph

Bradley Whitford only appeared on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Captain Roger Peralta in four episodes, but his time on the show was memorable. It was equally unforgettable offscreen, too — due to a "hilariously wrong" special effects mishap that Whitford played off like a pro as the cast laughed hysterically.

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Roger Peralta, the absentee father of Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) made his first appearance in the second season of the NBC sitcom. And two of his funniest scenes stand out for the grossest reason.

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First, in the 2017 episode "Two Turkeys," Thanksgiving dinner ends with a trip to the hospital when Jake and his fiancée, Amy (Melissa Fumero), host Thanksgiving for their parents. During a competitive turkey carving with Amy's father, Victor (Jimmy Smits), Roger accidentally cuts off his thumb, drenching the dinner table in blood.

Roger Peralta on Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode 508

Bradley Whitford's second thumb scene went "hilariously wrong" 

During Roger Peralta's final appearance in the Season 7 episode "Admiral Peralta," a gender reveal party goes wrong and Roger ends up cutting off his other thumb.

While there's blood splurting from Roger's thumb in the episode, Fumero revealed that the first take was much gorier.

"Ok, so first take of the thumb gag went horribly hilariously wrong and @BradleyWhitford just kept rollin while fake blood sprayed him in the face," Fumero wrote in a 2020 post to X (formerly Twitter). "I laughed so hard I cried. He was such a good sport about it."

In the photos Fumero shared, she and Samberg are bent over in hysterics as Whitford stands there with a big smile, covered in fake blood. Luckily we have photo evidence of the blooper, but fingers — and thumbs? — crossed that we get a video of the outtake someday.

It seems like Brooklyn Nine-Nine turns into Brooklyn Nine-One-One when Roger is around.

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Who Played Jake's Dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Bradley Whitford played Jake's dad Roger Peralta.

Whitford appeared in four episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. His character was introduced in Season 2 episode 18, "Captain Peralta." In the third season, he shows up when Jake takes Amy to meet his mother, Karen (Katey Sagal), who reveals she's dating Roger again after divorcing him years earlier.

Roger Peralta on Brooklyn Nine Nine Episode 508

"Two Turkeys" was a West Wing reunion

Both Whitford and Smits appeared in the Emmy-winning political drama The West Wing, so their "Two Turkeys" epic dad-off was also a shout-out to Aaron Sorkin's show.

This wasn't the only The West Wing Easter egg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted a framed photo of Matthew Santos, Smits's The West Wing character, on the wall of Shaw's Bar.