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A Water-Skiing Squirrel, a Singing Chicken, and More of the Greatest AGT Animal Acts

From an obstacle course-running rat to a patriotic chicken, America's Got Talent has seen some talented animals take the stage over its 18 seasons. 

By Jill Sederstrom

America's got talent, but so do our four-legged friends. 

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From jump-roping poodles to a basketball-playing bunny, the animal Acts on America’s Got Talent, are proof that humans aren’t the only ones with show-stopping talents worthy of a standing ovation.

Over 18 seasons, the stage has also welcomed a water-skiing squirrel, gravity-defying rat, and choreographed cats who wowed Judges with their unexpected talents.

Let’s revisit some of the best animal acts in AGT history:

Bini the Bunny

Bini the Bunny performs on stage n Episode 1608 of America's Got Talent

The NBA might want to take notice of this furry competitor. Dubbed the “most talented rabbit in the world” by his owner, Bini the Bunny showed off his ability to dunk a tiny basketball in 2021.

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The adorable lop-eared bunny has also been known to go bowling and paint his own artwork.

Jokgu the Chicken

This is one patriotic chicken. After some gentle prodding, Jokgu the Chicken flawlessly played “America the Beautiful” on the piano by using her beak to peck just the right notes to the love song to America.

“I’ve never seen that before,” a stunned Judge Mel B remarked.

Amazing Veranica & Her Incredible Friends

Amazing Veranica And Her Incredible Friends pose together

She may just be 12 years old, but Veranica is already one talented dog trainer. Dressed in overalls and a red shirt, the preteen showed off her impressive talent alongside five of her 13 dogs on the AGT stage in 2022.

Wearing bright colored shirts and overalls of their own, the five poodle pups amazed Judges by jumping over one another, dancing, jump roping, and even doing an awe-inspiring set of quick changes that left the panel stunned.

Judge Simon Cowell called the act “everything.”

“They are so, so smart,” he said as the pups attentively looked on.

Olate Dogs

Olate Dogs perform on stage for America's Got Talent

No animal Act list would be complete without these top dogs and AGT Season 7 winners. Olate Dogs, led by Richard Olate and son Nichlas Olate, blew Judges away with their dog variety show, featuring many rescue pup performers. During the group’s audition, the labradoodle dogs hopped, spun, and even did the conga line in a fast-paced, trick-filled show to Tito Puente’s “Machito Forever.”

They went on to take first place in the competition that season and won the coveted $1 million, hopefully earning them a lifetime of dog bones.

The Savitsky Cats

The Savitsky Cats perform on stage on Episode 1309 "Judge Cuts 3" of America's Got Talent

This mother-daughter duo from Ukraine proved dogs aren’t the only animals who can learn new tricks. Their high-energy performance had their specially trained cats jumping through hoops, rolling a wheel, and even performing a tight rope act of sorts as they wore ruffled clown collars.

John Vincent and Mudslinger

Mudslinger the pig stands on stage for Americas Got Talent

Arriving on stage in style on a wagon, Mudslinger the pig had Judges standing at attention as he raised the American flag, scored a soccer goal, and even hilariously got a hole in one. Led by his handler John Vincent, Mudslinger performed each task with gusto, wagging his tail as he went. The Act was so impressive Mudslinger even earned a kiss from Judge Heidi Klum, no doubt becoming the envy of pigs everywhere.

Oscar and Pam

Oscar and Pam play the piano on Episode 1306 of Americas Got Talent

The Judges were divided over this animal Act. Oscar the Golden Retriever “sang” as Pam played Johann Pachelbel’s “Cannon in D” on the piano. While the canine vocal talents were enough to impress Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum just wasn’t able to throw this dog a bone and voted “no.”


Melissa Arleth has her rat Hanta climb on her arm on stage during America's Got Talent.

It was a literal rat race as Hanta the rat raced through an obstacle course on America’s Got Talent that had the specially trained rodent jumping from one platform to another, walking a tight rope, and climbing a rope ladder as her handler Melissa Arleth cheered her on.

Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel

Twiggy may not have made it past her AGT audition, but it’s not every day you see a squirrel happily water-skiing in a pool as she’s pulled by a remote-controlled boat and that is surely worth at least a mention.

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Echo of Animal Gardens

Echo of Animal Gardens on the stage during America's Got Talent

This talented parrot can speak Spanish, sing, and do both animal and people impressions, sending her all the way to the quarter-finals in Season 6 of AGT.

It isn’t the only time AGT has gone to the birds. Echo is just one of the many aviary acts to have taken the stage over the years.

Lukas & Falco

Lukas and his dog Falco high five while smiling on the red carpet

The love between man and dog was palpable during Lukas & Falco’s run on AGT’s Season 14. The duo adorably performed a choreographed dance to “Footloose,” with border collie Falco spinning, rolling, jumping, and impressively keeping in step with his human best friend and trainer Lukas.

“He has amazing personality but also, importantly, so do you,” Judge Simon Cowell praised the pair. “I think this is the best dog Act we’ve had this year.”

Lukas & Falco were eliminated in the semi-finals, but the dynamic duo were so beloved that they made one final return appearance on America’s Got Talent: All Stars before Falco’s retirement.

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