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Benson Called Stabler the Most Interesting Word in Therapy on the Latest SVU

It was, well, interesting. Pun intended. 

By Jessica White

In the Season 3 finale of Law & Order: Organized CrimeStabler (Christopher Meloni) gave Benson (Mariska Hargitay) a gold compass necklace designed to encourage her to find happiness. The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit leading lady has been wearing it ever since, and it's given her comfort — especially as she navigates the Maddy Flynn (Allison Elaine) missing persons case. 

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In a very smart move, Benson started EDMR therapy to cope with the case — and, interestingly, Stabler was mentioned in her latest session. Here's what happened: 

Benson mentioned Stabler in therapy on SVU Season 25, Episode 4

Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) appear in Season 2 Episode 15 of Law & Order: Organized Crime

Season 25, Episode 4 ("Duty to Report") kicked off in the office of EDMR therapist Dr. Heather Lentz, played by six-time Law & Order guest star Tricia Marie Paoluccio. Benson began seeing Dr. Lentz after failing to close the missing person's case of Maddy Flynn, a teenager whom Benson coincidentally saw being kidnapped before realizing what she was witnessing. 

Benson has thrown everything she has into this case, but with Maddy still M.I.A., she's been sick with worry. After realizing how her concern over Maddy's case was creeping into her other SVU cases, Benson stopped by Dr. Lentz's office. 

After failing to conjure up any new memories from the abduction, Dr. Lentz suggested they try a new tactic, sensing Benson's restlessness. 

"You said you've been to traditional talk therapy?" Dr. Lentz asked.

"I have," Benson clarified before adding, "A lot."

"You're aware of vicarious trauma?" 

"I am," Benson told her.

"You've been in the SVU a long time," Dr. Lentz remarked.

"25 years," Benson revealed. 

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"I imagine you've had your share of missing children," Dr. Lentz guessed, to which Benson started naming children's cases she worked throughout the years. 

"So what makes Maddy different?" Dr. Lentz asked.

"I guess because I don't know what happened to her," Benson said. 

"So it's just the question mark?" Dr. Lentz pressed.

"Yeah," Benson said. "I've had question marks before and in my career."

"What about your life?" Dr. Lentz pondered.

"My life?"

"Is it possible that it's not just this case that's troubling you but certain other unknowns?" Benson's therapist continued.

"Like what?" Benson asked.

"The necklace you're wearing," Dr. Lentz said, pointing out Benson's present from Stabler. "It's a compass."

"Yeah," Benson said, instinctively grabbing the pendant. "A friend, uh, a friend gave it to me."

"Interesting symbol," Dr. Lentz mused, earning a wholehearted chuckle from Benson.

"He's an interesting friend," Benson shrugged.

"I'm sure," Dr. Lentz said before getting to her point. "So my question for you, Captain, might be the same thing that he had in mind when purchasing that gift. What are you hoping to navigate?"

Benson's therapist left her to ponder as their session ended, but it's clear she's navigating more than workplace woes. 

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