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Wait, Are Based on a True Story’s Tom Bateman and Jason Bateman Related?

Tom Bateman and Jason Bateman each had a role in bringing together Based on a True Story, but do the actors have a genetic link as well?

By Jill Sederstrom

With each having a role in making Peacock’s new comedy thriller Based on a True Story, some fans are wondering whether actors Tom Bateman and Jason Bateman are related.

Jason Bateman serves as an executive producer of the limited series along with Michael Costigan, Alex Buono, and Craig Rosenberg, while Tom plays charismatic single father Matt Pierce.

Are Tom Bateman and Jason Bateman Related?

Despite the common project — and sharing the same last name — the actors are not biologically related. 

Tom, 34, actually hails from a large UK family. He is one of 14 children and grew up in Jericho in Oxford. The Murder on the Orient Express star even has a twin brother named Merlin, according to PEOPLE

“We look like one of those family of ducks,” Tom said. “We’re the last batch, so I’m pretty far down. My twin brother and me are the second youngest.” 

Photos of Jason Bateman and Tom Bateman.

Jason may not be related to the large UK Bateman brood, but the Ozark star does have a famous sibling. He’s the younger brother of Justine Bateman, who earned fame herself in the 1980s playing Mallory Keaton on Family Ties. 

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The pair even hilariously shared screen time together on Arrested Development during Jason’s reign as Michael Bluth on the fan-favorite tv series. 

The siblings grew up in Utah before finding success as child actors, according to IMDB. Today, Jason has taken on acting and producing credits as well. 

Based on a True Story brings Tom Bateman and Jason Bateman together for the dark comedy. 

While Jason’s role is strictly behind the camera, Tom shows off his acting chops as Matt Pierce, a plumber who crosses paths with struggling couple Ava and Nathan Bartlett, played by Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina. 

Ava and Nathan are plagued with financial worries and are struggling to find career success when they decide to launch a podcast about The Westside Ripper serial killer terrorizing their Los Angeles community to capitalize on the public’s fascination with true crime

But the get-rich-quick scheme quickly spirals out of control, putting the couple and those they know in danger. 

The eight-part series is available to stream now on Peacock.