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[Spoiler] and [Spoiler]’s Almost-First Kiss on Chicago Med Had an Annoying Interruption

It’s not easy finding time for love when you’re busy saving lives. Find out how your favorite doctors are faring on Chicago Med. 

By Grace Jidoun

On Season 9 of Chicago Med, Dr. Mitch Ripley (Luke Mitchell) and Dr. Hannah Asher’s (Jessy Schram) interactions have become flirtier over time.

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All season long, we’ve seen yearning glances in the hallways of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and awkward attempts to hang out, like in Episode 7 when Hannah invited the charming new doctor over to her place for tea. While that evening didn't work out according to Hannah's plans, things eventually got a little steamier.

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What happened after Hannah Asher invited Mitch Ripley over for tea?

Viewers came to find out in Episode 8 that Ripley really thought he was being invited over to innocently sip on a hot beverage when Hannah invited him over in the prior episode. It wasn’t the most obvious seduction tactic, so we can’t blame Ripley for acting oblivious and then quickly leaving.

In Episode 8, titled “A Penny for Your Thoughts, Dollar for Your Dreams,” Hannah spilled the details while walking into the hospital with charge nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) to start their workday. “What?! He just had a cup and then he left?," a shocked Maggie asked.

Hannah spilled, “I mean, no, he said he needed to get up early for work, but basically, yes. Nothing happened.”

Closeup of Hannah Asher

Hannah then got some much-needed dating advice from Maggie, who asked if she was sure that Ripley understood her intentions.

“Maggie, I invited him to my apartment for tea," Hannah said. "Could I have been any clearer?”

Apparently, she could have.

Hannah then admitted, "I’ve been avoiding him for like three days," and suggested, “Maybe he’s just not into me.” 

Maggie told Hannah not to jump to that conclusion, then swooped in with the straight talk: “Just ask him what his deal is. Men like it when women own the room and assert themselves.”

As fate would have it, just at that moment, they spotted Ripley, and Maggie nudged Hannah to finally make her move, adding, “Hannah, you can’t just keep avoiding him.” But that’s exactly what Hannah did at that moment, and for most of the episode.

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Hannah and Ripley eventually had an awkward encounter when she asked Ripley, who's been limping a bit, how his hamstring is doing. Ripley gave a quick response, then split. But the ever-astute Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) noticed the tension and gave Hannah some serious side-eye, asking, “What was that about?”

Hannah insisted there was nothing there, but Archer said, "You and Ripley. I thought I was picking up a little something there.”

Mitch Ripley relocates a patient's arm

Dr. Daniel Charles has suspicions about Liliana’s brother

Love is always in the air on Chicago Med, and the relationship between Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and hospital janitor Liliana Wapniarski (Alet Taylor) has been fun to watch, but Season 9, Episode 8 brought a dark cloud back: Liliana’s brother.

Pawel mysteriously showed up at Charles’ house with a dislocated shoulder, asking for a pain med prescription without even being examined. Of course, Charles declined, but Liliana’s brother was persistent, pestering him for “some goodies in the cookie jar.” Instead, Charles sent him to the hospital.

After Ripley snapped Pawel's arm back into place, Pawel said that he couldn't make a fist with his hand on that side of his body.

"That can happen sometimes when you dislocate a shoulder," Ripley said. 

Pawel shot back, “It didn’t feel like this when I came in.” And Ripley told him that it should improve as the swelling comes down, and that he can come back in for a look in a week if the swelling hasn't gone down by then.

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Pawel was sure to ask about a prescription for pain before leaving.

Charles quietly asked his fellow doctor if he'd be able to tell from the X-rays whether Pawel actually slipped on ice and fell as he said he did, or he injured his arm from "something more intentional."

Ripley told him that he couldn't tell that from the X-rays and Charles explained that Pawel "went through a tough time a little while ago."

Mitch Ripley and Hannah Asher perform surgery

A complicated birth brings Hannah and Ripley closer together

A complicated birth at the hospital saw Hannah in her element and taking charge of an emergency cesarean section, pulling Ripley into the procedure for help.

We couldn’t help but swoon a bit when Ripley told the patient, “Dr. Asher’s the best there is. Stay positive.”

After they pulled off the procedure together and saved the lives of both baby and mom, Ripley and Hannah decompressed in the doctor’s lounge. “That was such an unbelievable rush... and you! The way you took control, the command, the confidence. Us working together,” gushed Ripley.

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Doctors Hannah Asher and Mitch Ripley finally almost kiss

Taking the cue, Hannah began to tell him the real reason she invited him over for tea the other night. As she was talking, she turned around to find Ripley right near her. He then placed a hand on her side, asking if that was ok, and she smiled and nodded.

“I’m not good at reading minds," Ripley said, to which Hannah replied, “Maybe you’re much better than you think.” 

Ripley then went in for a kiss, only to be interrupted by other staffers entering the space, chatting and grabbing items from some nearby lockers. Giggling, Hannah and Ripley quickly pulled apart before they had a chance to kiss.

The ever-observant Maggie saw the pair leaving the hospital together and slyly asked if they’re doing anything interesting that night. “Thought maybe we could go get some tea,” Ripley grinned.

But as Hannah and Ripley exited the hospital, love was foiled again. Ripley was served papers in a malpractice lawsuit brought by none other than Liliana’s brother against him and the hospital. Ripley immediately informed a shocked Dr. Charles, who later angrily confronted Pawel about the lawsuit when he found his girlfriend's brother in his home, accusing him of insurance fraud.

To find out how the lawsuit plays out and if Hannah and Ripley’s budding romance progresses, watch all-new episodes of Chicago Med on Wednesdays at 8/7c p.m. on NBC and the next day on Peacock.