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Amy Schumer Pokes Fun at Rowdy New York Jets Fans in This Hilarious SNL Sketch

Because it's not just a game.

By Jessica White
Jets Fans

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There are competitive football fans, and then there are New York Jets fans. The difference between the two might shock you in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of the rowdy nature of Jets tailgating. It's not an easy day to be a Bills fan.

Amy Schumer hosted the November 5 SNL episode, and the New York native and stand-up comedian paid tribute to her roots in a sketch about trash-talking New York Jets fans attending a tailgate. Cecily StrongAndrew DismukesKenan Thompson, and Schumer play four suburbanites standing around a grill drinking a few White Claws, chatting about how lucky they are to get together, noting the "great tailgating weather" and delicious macaroni salad. Their pleasantries come to an abrupt end when a rival Bills fan enters the group's sight, at which point all four Jets fans go a little crazy. 

Schumer's voice dropped to a hilariously low growl as she yelled, "Hey! Bills Jersey! You're wearing the freaking wrong shirt, you freaking A-hole!" Strong joins in immediately, with their partners also adding to the verbal attacks.

While the Jets fans' remarks are hilarious, the punchline of the sketch lies in the group's effortless ability to switch right back to talking about the menial motions of the average workweek, such as one of their sons getting bullied at school. "Where do kids even learn this stuff?" Dismukes asked immediately before another Bills fan came into view. 

Watch the full sketch, above. 

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