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Alison Brie Breakdancing on the Set of Apples Never Fall Is Absolutely Incredible

Bust a move, Brie.

By Elizabeth Logan

Bust a move, Brie! Alison Brie, who stars alongside an ensemble cast as Amy Delaney in the new Peacock limited series Apples Never Fall, treated the cast and crew to an impromptu dance performance, and it's something to see. Check out her skills in the clip, below.

Alison Brie breakdances on the set of Apples Never Fall

In a video seemingly taken as production wrapped for Brie, the actor waves and smiles at her applauding co-workers as she skips to the center of the room, where there is a small carpet. After running around her hands a couple of times, she poses in a truly impressive tripod headstand, then gets up laughing.

"My Apples wrap moves. Loved this crew so much i had to breakdance in appreciation!!" Brie wrote on Instagram, also acknowledging her limited skills in this particular style of movement. "(I use the term 'breakdance' loosely) 🍎💕 (Feel free to do this when you finish watching the series) #applesneverfall."

Costume designer Allyson Fanger commented on the post, "Hahaha that was THE BEST." 

How Alison Brie stays close with castmates, old and new

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The talented actor, who starred for six seasons as the passionate perfectionist Annie Edison on Community, is adept at keeping in touch with the friends she makes while filming.

“There’s a text chain [of Community actors]… it’s a love fest. We love each other,” Brie said in 2019, echoing the sentiment a year later: “The text chain is going off constantly. We’ve already texted seven times today. It’s very cute. I love those guys.” She shares a special bond with Danny Pudi, who played Abed Nadir. “My average hang with Danny is taking a hike,” Brie told MovieWeb in March 2024. “We go for a hike in Griffith Park … Danny is like a brother to me, and we truly are just like, ‘What’s going on with you?’ We hit every aspect of our lives during that hike — work, home — Romance! 'How’s your marriage!? Anything steamy with your husband or your wife?’ It’s the best. I love Danny.”

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Looks like it's going to be the same way with the Apples cast. After director Chris Sweeney asked the cast to start a pre-production WhatsApp group to get to know one another, Brie channeled her character, a classic eldest daughter, and made it happen. “So, of course, I started the group chat as the eldest sibling,” Brie told NBC Insider“I started the group chat and was like, ‘LOL, Chris Sweeney’s so lame. Wants us to talk about breakfast?’ We just made fun of him. We lightly ribbed him for a little while, and then we legitimately bonded and it was actually a great idea.”