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“I’ll Steal You Later”: How Dan + Shay Beat Chance for “Phenomenal” AJ Harvey

A soulful Bob Dylan cover earns A.J. Harvey a Two-Chair Turn!

By Cassidy Ward

On Episode 5 of The Voice Season 25, the Coaches greeted 25-year-old A.J. Harvey from Oklahoma. A.J. is descended from North America’s indigenous peoples, and he grew up circling around a drum, making music with his community, and listening to his dad play Bluegrass on the fiddle.

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For A.J., performing Blues and Soul is the closest he can get to those childhood drum circles. “I know I'm not going up on that stage by myself,” A.J said. “I’m thinking about everyone else who has inspired me.”

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High up on that list you’ll find musicians like Bob Dylan. A.J. described him as “just a guy with a guitar, singing what’s in his heart” and that’s the vibe he brings to The Voice stage.

Dylan first recorded “Girl from the North Country” for his second studio album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan in 1963, and it’s often regarded as an essential track in his discography. Dylan later performed and recorded a duet version of the song with Johnny Cash and it’s the title track of a stage musical with music and songs by Dylan.

A.J. Harvey Sings Bob Dylan's “Girl from the North Country” on The Voice Season 25's Blinds

A.J. performed Dylan's song like he wrote it himself, grabbing hold of the Coaches before he even hit the chorus. Chance the Rapper was the first to Turn, followed quickly by Dan + Shay, leaving John Legend and Reba McEntire at the edges like a 7-10 split. But in the game of The Voice, knocking down even a single pin is enough, and A.J. had his choice of two.

AJ Harvey appears in Season 25 Episode 5 of The Voice

“It was truly such a great performance, man. I love the richness of the bass notes, I love that you were playing guitar. I think you’ve got what it takes to do really, really well on this show,” Dan said, before Shay jumped in. “The whole song, the entire time you were in it and I was in it with you. It was absolutely phenomenal. I love the song selection, that felt very you. Being able to develop you into an artist that you want to be, I feel like Dan and I can really figure out kind of what your thing is, what your specific sound is. You’re an artist and I believe in you a lot. I feel like you’ve got so much potential.”

Not to be outdone, Chance hit his pitch hard, unafraid to break out the theatrics when the time was right. “I know music,” Chance said. “I know Soul when I see it and that’s what I feel like I related to in the performance. I’m 100% a fan. If you didn’t peep, I was the first person to turn around.”

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Worried that a second’s hesitation might cost them, Dan + Shay were quick with excuses explanations. “Our button was stuck,” Dan said. “It’s a slower chair, it’s bigger,” Shay added before getting out of the dual chair. “I’m standing up so you know I’m serious. We would love to have you on Team Dan + Shay.”

That was Chance’s cue to trigger the theatrics. He smashed a button and a flashing message reading “PICK CHANCE” blazed across the screen behind the stage. “This is my show, man. And I want you to know that if you want a time to be yourself and come out here and have the show to yourself, you’ve got to get down with Team Chance.”

Despite all that, and against the advice of A.J.’s own family cheering from the sidelines, he hitched his wagon to Team Dan + Shay. The duo left this performance victorious, but Chance won’t be dissuaded so easily. He plans to get A.J. on his team, if not today, then soon.

“It’s okay, I’ll steal you later,” Chance said. “I try my hardest, you know what I mean? I switch up the background, get some LED work going, and it didn’t work. I can still prosper with Dan + Shay starting off. They’ll put him in the right position for me to come scoop him later.”

To see if playing the long game works out for Chance and A.J. catch new episodes of The Voice Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC and next day on Peacock.