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See How Drake Milligan—AGT's 'New Elvis of Country'—Fell in Love With Music

He completely stunned the Judges and audience. 

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

AGT might have found "the new Elvis of country," according to Howie Mandel, and his name is Drake Milligan.

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Watch the Season 19 premiere of America’s Got Talent Tuesday, May 28 at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock

The 23-year-old and his band took the stage during Season 17's second audition episode, performing Milligan's original single "Sounds Like Something I'd Do." His first note was met with instant cheers from the audience, and the Judges—who each voted "Yes"—noted that the track already sounded like a Top 40 hit.

"For me, a good song is a good song, and you're very likable," Simon Cowell said.

"I also love that you guys are a band," Heidi Klum said. "We don't have a lot of bands yet, so I think you guys are perfect for America's Got Talent."

During the show, the Ft. Worth, TX native noted that a certain rock-and-roll legend inspired him to become a singer. "When I was about 7, I was out eating with my family, and there was an Elvis impersonator at the restaurant, and I was enthralled. I think that's when I decided that I wanted to be like Elvis," Milligan said.

Here's everything we know about the rising star.

The AGT country singer already has an album.

Country Singer Drake Milligan speaking on the America's Got Talent stage

Milligan's debut self-titled EP was released in 2021. It has five original songs, including "Sounds Like Something I'd Do." It's available wherever you can stream music. On his website, Milligan explained his influences. 

"Mine were mainly George Strait and Elvis. Along with a lot of Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and George Jones," he said. "That’s what my mom and dad listened to, so my earliest music memories came from that. As I was writing, I learned that the best sad songs are bittersweet and even a little hopeful. I love that tradition in country music: how sad songs can help you feel understood. That’s the magic, because not everything in life is sunshine and rainbows.”

He's currently on tour.

From June 10 through July 2, Milligan will be making various stops across the country—everywhere from Missouri to Michigan. Tickets are still available, and you can find the full schedule at www.drakemilligan.com/tour.

He moved to Nashville to follow his dreams.

Milligan said during the episode that he was born and raised in Ft. Worth, TX. However, the musician recently moved to the nation's music capital in order to make his dreams a reality.

“There’s no way I could’ve made this record in Texas. The songwriters and players here are the best in the world. I don’t want to ever lose my roots, but Nashville is like no other place in the world," he said on his website. “The reason I came to Nashville is because all of my heroes are here. All the guys who wrote and played on my favorite songs are still so good. They wake up every day and want to write the best song they can. I wanted to learn something from every writer. Writing with those songwriters was a rite of passage for me."

America's Got Talent Season 17 airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.