Episodes (14)

S2 E1402/17/15

About a Boyfriend
Fiona struggles to be more spontaneous to spice up her relationship; Marcus finds out being a boyfriend isn't all it's cracked up to be.

S2 E1302/10/15

About A Cat Party
Will trolls for booty on Valentine's Day - will he find true love instead? Christine Woods guest stars.

S2 E1202/03/15

About a Prostitute
Will pulls out the stops at a school charity event to prove he's not being paid for sex. Chris Diamantopoulos guest stars.

S2 E1101/27/15

About a Hook
Will's efforts to write a hit song are derailed when Marcus moves in to protest his mother's relationship with Mr. Chris. Greg Germann and Chris Diamantopoulos guest star.

S2 E1001/13/15

About a Boy Becoming a Man
Will pretends to be gay to win over a music producer; Marcus and Fiona catch each other in a web of lies. Dax Shepard, Chris Diamantopoulos and Greg Germann guest star.

S2 E901/06/15

About a Manniversary
While Fiona tries to break her chastity streak, the guys celebrate their "manniversary" by stalking Marcus' idol, Lisa Loeb.
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