While Fiona tries to break her chastity streak, the guys celebrate their "manniversary" by stalking Marcus' idol, Lisa Loeb.

With the lawsuit pending and "Runaway Sleigh" playing everywhere, Will gets bah humbug for Christmas. Dax Shepard directs.

Fiona recruits Dakota and Will to chaperone her first real date with Mr. Chris; chaos ensues. Leslie Bibb and Chris Diamantopoulos guest star.

Fiona's hot for the new drama teacher, who's got Will competing for Marcus' attention. Leslie Bibb and Chris Diamantopoulos guest star.

Marcus' affections alienate Shea; Will finds the woman who's been messing with his money.

A first crush puts Marcus on a collision course with his Princi-Pal. Izabela Vidovic guest stars.

While trying to break Marcus' Halloween curse, Will tries to get his post-Dr. Sam groove back at his annual Halloween party.

When the move to New York looks final, Will and Marcus pull out the stops to find each other new best friends. Adrianne Palicki guest stars.

In financial crisis, Will returns to San Francisco where Marcus has made new friends and Andy has a baby crisis brewing. Rob Reiner guest stars.