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S2 E901/13/18

Pearl of the Orient
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Josh learns the ancient martial art of tai chi from a Chinese master, discovers the secret to making Shanghai's signature specialty, soup dumplings, and takes a swing at a sport that’s become a Chinese phenomenon - badminton!

S2 E811/18/17

Viking Territory
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Copenhagen, Denmark. Josh visits a restaurant known for the country’s national dish; explores the wind turbines that help generate the city’s power; and travels back in time to help build a Viking ship using historic materials.

S2 E711/11/17

Vintage Havana
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Havana, Cuba. Josh learns how vintage American cars became synonymous with Cuban culture. Then, he visits a grand restaurant inside a private home and sinks his teeth into the country’s national dish. Finally, Josh gets a master dance class.

S2 E611/04/17

Alaskan Gold
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Anchorage, Alaska. Josh explores the wild side of Anchorage with a rare opportunity to see the American bald eagle up close and personal, then comes face-to-face with a musk ox, and finally, finds a different kind of treasure when he pans for gold.

S2 E510/28/17

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Josh visits a workshop where skilled artisans practice the ancient technique of bronze casting, then learns how to make pho and harvest rice.

S2 E410/21/17

Nature's Masterpiece
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Juneau, Alaska. Upon docking in Juneau, Josh visits a hatchery where he learns all about salmon population, takes a deep dive into the world of crab fishing and kayaks to the great Mendenhall Glacier.
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