S5 E811/15/17

Ian Garvey
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When Tom goes missing, Liz turns to Red and the task force for help; while the task force scrambles to retrace Tom's steps, Red takes a more direct approach.

S5 E711/08/17

The Kilgannon Corporation
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Dembe goes undercover at great personal risk to help Red and the task force take down a human smuggling organization; meanwhile, Tom's quest to recover the suitcase lands him in grave danger.

S5 E611/01/17

The Travel Agency
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Cooper turns to Reddington for help with a personal mission, while Liz and the task force track a murder-for-hire ring, and Tom disregards a warning to stop his investigation into the suitcase.

S5 E510/25/17

Ilyas Surkov
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Devastated by her friend's death, Liz asks Reddington for help finding Nik's killer, unaware that Tom is also hunting this person; and the task force embarks on an international hunt for a copycat terrorist.

S5 E410/18/17

The Endling
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Liz and the task force hunt a Blacklister intent on destroying rare treasures, while a surprise encounter leads Red to a lucrative business opportunity.

S5 E310/11/17

Miss Rebecca Thrall
While Liz and the task force investigate a series of suspicious police shootings, Red goes to great lengths to negotiate a guns sale, including asking a personal favor of Glen.
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