S5 E1904/25/18

Ian Garvey (#13): Conclusion
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As Red moves to finally retrieve the duffel bag of bones from Garvey, Liz uses intel from an unexpected source to force a race with Red to uncover the secret Garvey holds.

S5 E1804/11/18

Zarak Mosadek
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In order to gain leverage over Garvey, Red heads to Paris with Samar and Ressler to confront one of Garvey's key associates in the Nash Syndicate; meanwhile, Liz gets assistance from Aram as she pursues her own methods of going after Garvey.

S5 E1704/04/18

Anna-Gracia Duerte
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The murder of a Nash Syndicate associate leads Red, Liz and the task force to an unlikely assassin who holds crucial evidence for bringing down Ian Garvey; meanwhile, Aram considers a big step in his relationship with Samar.

S5 E1603/14/18

The Capricorn Killer
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While the task force and Red secure the witness who can identify Singleton and Tom's killer, Liz assists with the case of a long-dormant serial killer who suddenly has begun killing again.

S5 E1503/07/18

Pattie Sue Edwards
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While Red contends with an IRS audit of his money laundering business and the task force tracks a woman who has unleashed a deadly viral contagion in New York, Liz and Cooper work with Singleton to draw out the dirty cop who killed Tom.

S5 E1402/28/18

Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III
Red helps the task force track a Blacklister who creates airtight alibis for clients seeking to commit murder; meanwhile, Liz must pass a psychiatric evaluation in order to be reinstated at the FBI.
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