S5 E1603/14/18

The Capricorn Killer
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While the task force and Red secure the witness who can identify Singleton and Tom's killer, Liz assists with the case of a long-dormant serial killer who suddenly has begun killing again.

S5 E1503/07/18

Pattie Sue Edwards
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While Red contends with an IRS audit of his money laundering business and the task force tracks a woman who has unleashed a deadly viral contagion in New York, Liz and Cooper work with Singleton to draw out the dirty cop who killed Tom.

S5 E1402/28/18

Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III
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Red helps the task force track a Blacklister who creates airtight alibis for clients seeking to commit murder; meanwhile, Liz must pass a psychiatric evaluation in order to be reinstated at the FBI.

S5 E1302/07/18

The Invisible Hand
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Red gets caught up in a drug war while assisting one of his employees; Liz seeks Cooper's help with a clue from Tom's notes; and the task force goes after a vigilante group.

S5 E1201/31/18

The Cook
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The task force pursues a serial killer committing murder by arson; meanwhile, as Liz and Red continue their search for Tom's killer, Liz begins to question Red's motives for helping her.

S5 E1101/17/18

Abraham Stern
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Red convinces the task force to help him hunt a legendary treasure in order to apprehend a deadly criminal seeking the same fortune, and Liz's search takes a dark turn when she resorts to using the methods of a notorious Blacklister.
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