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S3 E2004/28/16
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Reeling with grief, the task force hunts the organization behind Liz's failed abduction - who is Solomon working for and why was Liz the target? Meanwhile, Red confronts a man from his past. Brian Dennehy guest stars.

Cape May

S3 E1904/21/16
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Red drowns his sorrows with a trip to the seashore, where he encounters a mysterious woman on the run from unknown assailants.

Mr. Solomon

S3 E1704/07/16
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The team tries to intercept Mr. Solomon's nuclear plot - on Liz's wedding day. Margarita Levieva and Lance Henriksen guest star.

The Caretaker

S3 E1602/25/16
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While the FBI stalks the keeper of an impenetrable vault, Liz makes a deal with Tom - and a stunning discovery about her mother.


S3 E1502/18/16
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The FBI deconstructs crime scenes presented as works of art; Liz finds Tom at his lowest point and makes a startling decision.
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