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Why Dan + Shay Exclaimed, “That’s Taylor Swift!” After Zoe Levert’s Era-Defining Audition

From one Swiftie to another, Levert's inspiring story earned her a surprise Coaches' serenade.

By Benjamin Bullard

Going to college, meeting your soul mate, and, oh, getting serenaded live onstage by Dan + Shay on The Voice as a soon-to-be-wedded couple — Yep, if you're 20-year-old New Orleans Artist Zoe Levert, you could say it’s been a whirlwind start to the year.

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A self-confessed Taylor Swift fan through and through, Levert earned a one-chair turn from John Legend for her Blind Audition performance of Little Big Town’s “Better Man (Taylor’s Version).” But making it through to the Blinds wasn’t even the highlight of her day, after Dan + Shay found out their own music holds a special place in her heart… and then decided to do something truly awesome to commemorate it.

Watch Zoe Levert’s Blind Audition of Little Big Town’s “Better Man (Taylor’s Version)” on The Voice Season 25

Zoe Levert appears in Season 25 Episode 5 of The Voice

Even though the Coaching duo didn’t turn for Zoe, Dan + Shay already were rooting for her success after listening to her soulful sound.

But when Zoe made it known that she and Ryan, her fiancée, had already flagged Dan + Shay’s “From the Ground Up” as their upcoming wedding’s leadoff dance tune, the superstars grabbed a guitar and jumped onstage to let the happy couple bask in the slow-dance spotlight — all while Dan strummed along and Shay knocked out a concert-ready vocal performance of his own.

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Dan + Shay put on an impromptu live-performance clinic while Zoe and Ryan swayed together onstage, even as Shay offered to help them tie the knot right there on the spot. “No pressure at all, but we actually have a pastor here if you guys just wanna knock it out right now!” he joked. “John, are you ordained?!”

Though Legend was the only Coach to turn for Levert, Dan + Shay had nothing but love for her artistic ambition. “That’s Taylor Swift!” Shay told Legend after Zoe's audition, while Legend himself explained why he decided to make her a part of his team.

“Your higher range sounded so good; the tone was so clear,” he said. “We just have to plan a song that doesn’t require you too go to that bottom part of your range, and that’s what I do as a Coach. So I’m excited that you're on Team Legend!”

With wedding bells ringing in her not-so-distant future, can Zoe Levert seal the deal this season as a part of Team Legend? Find out by watching Season 25 of The Voice, with new episodes airing Mondays on NBC at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c, and streaming the next day on Peacock.