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Will Forte and Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Pilots Sketch Is an SNL Reunion

"A little bit about me: I love opening a fresh jar of organic peanut butter just so I can guzzle the oil on top."

By Christopher Rudolph

Put your seat back and get ready for some cockpit comedy with Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte. 

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Forte stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 15 and caught up with his former Saturday Night Live coworker (they overlapped as cast members from 2002-2004). During Forte's visit, they teamed up for a sketch that would've fit right in on the late-night comedy series.

In "A Little Bit About Me," Fallon played Captain Wilson, while Forte was First Officer Peters. The two adopted their best "airline pilot's update from the cockpit" voices to share tidbits about themselves with the passengers, and each new fact was stranger than the last.

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Will Forte on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1974

Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte playing airline pilots on The Tonight Show is like a lost SNL sketch

"Hi there, folks. We've reached our cruising altitude. Things should be smoothing out for an on-time arrival at our destination of Chicago," Forte's character said, in his most calming pilot voice.

"And we just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves," Fallon's Wilson followed. "A little bit about me: I am legally married to a body pillow shaped like the green M&M."

Peters added, "And a little bit about me — 'Slim Jim' is my nickname, but my full name is Slames James."

As if trying to out-weird one another, Wilson countered with, "A little bit about me. I don't believe in straws. I never use one! I have a trick, I just curl my tongue into the shape of a straw and then suck."

"A little bit about me, I love opening a fresh jar of organic peanut butter just so I can guzzle the oil on top," Peters admitted, grossing out the audience.

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The fascinating tidbits about Wilson and Peters get stranger and stranger with every new detail. From Wilson calling toes "foot fingers" and having a "full face tattoo of a human face," to Peters being raised by wolves in the forest, and being bit by a radioactive spider, which didn't give him superpowers but instead has him lay 1,000 eggs when he's startled.

Wilson and Peters seem like two peas in a pod. And, as the sketch reveals at the end (as the plane nosedives), it's for good reason. 

The pilots sketch feels like something that would have been on SNL, so it must have felt like old times for the two friends.