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Who Is the Mystery Leaper on Quantum Leap?

It looks like Ben isn't the only leaper in town. 

By Tayi Sanusi
Ben in Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Season 1, Episode 5 (titled "Salvation or Bust") follows Ben and Addison back to 1879, where the duo is tasked with one of their most daunting rescue missions yet. This time, Ben leaps inside the body of a legendary gun-slinger summoned by his spirited granddaughter to save the small western town of Salvation from an outlaw takeover.

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As Ben and Addison struggle to keep the hopeful townspeople safe from the opportunistic cowboys looking for an easy profit, the team at headquarters scrambles to stop a pentagon representative from realizing the Quantum Leap project is compromised.

Fortunately, the pair outsmarts the bandits and restores order—but before they can celebrate, Ben makes a shocking discovery: He isn't the only leaper in 1879. So, who is the Mystery Leaper? Here's everything we know. 


Janice may have the old accelerator from the original Quantum Leap Project 

It's important to remember that we already know Al Calavicci's daughter, Janice, was able to successfully steal her father's hardware from the original Quantum Leap project. She also hacked into Ziggy's software via the secret USB drive Addison found on her bookcase. Although the exact capabilities of the equipment Janice has are still a mystery, it's not impossible that she's been able to put together another accelerator, or leaping mechanism, which may explain how the Mystery Leaper traveled.

The leaper knows Ben's true identity

As Ben and Addison celebrate their success in Salvation, they also reconnect on a romantic level. However, their feel-good moment is cut short when the Mystery Leaper confronts Ben in the local saloon. 

"You made a serious miscalculation coming here, Ben," says the mystery man. "I know everything about you, Dr. Ben Song from the year 2022. I know what you're doing, but if you value your life, you need to stop following me. Do you understand?"

As we know from the original Quantum Leap, it's not uncommon for children or elderly people to see a leaper's true identity, but the Mystery Leaper is neither. Between the leaper's ability to identify Ben and the background information he has, it's clear something is up.

He accuses Ben of following him

Although the leaper's true intent is left open-ended for now, during their interaction, he accuses Ben of following him. This begs the question: Who is the Mystery Leaper working with? And how does he know so much about Ben and the Quantum Leap project? We can't wait to find out!

He may be from the future 

Jen, the head of digital security, hypothesizes that the Mystery Leaper may have come from one of three places; either he’s a leaper from another country’s time travel program, a private defense contractor, or he’s a future member of the Quantum Leap team. Through the process of elimination, the headquarters team realizes the Mystery Leaper likely came from the future. 

He must be using the same technology as the official Quantum Leap Project 

Jen also discovers the Mystery Leaper must be using the same technology they have at headquarters because the QL imaging chamber allows anyone connected to the system to see a leaper’s real face. Addison and Ben could both see the Mystery Leaper’s real face, instead of the face of the cowboy who he leapt into. 

His name is Richard Martinez 

After running his face through the government database, the team discovers that the mystery man is Richard Martinez, a Marine based out of Camp Pendleton. Magic and Jen decide to confront the 2022 version of Martinez, who they think will become the Mystery Leaper in the future to find out if he’s already conspiring against them. However, after speaking to him, it becomes clear that Martinez doesn’t yet know about the Quantum Leap project at all.

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