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Who Is the Mysterious Stranger Savannah on Apples Never Fall? The Shocking Twist, Explained

Joy Delaney goes missing shortly after a young woman named Savannah starts crashing in her home on the new Peacock mystery series Apples Never Fall.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Spoiler follow for the entire series of Apples Never Fall


It’s a trusted trope in mystery thrillers: A mysterious stranger arrives and shakes things up.

In Apples Never Fall, the Peacock Original series streaming now, Savannah is the one who knocks at retired tennis coaches Stan and Joy Delaney’s front door. Well, least, she calls herself Savannah.

As in the Liane Moriarty bestseller the intriguing series is based on, Savannah (Georgia Flood) slyly insinuates herself into the lives of Stan (Sam Neill) and Joy (Annette Bening).

For several weeks she lives with them, cooks for them, gets close to them — too close, if you ask the couple’s four adult children, Troy (Jake Lacy), Amy (Alison Brie), Brooke (Essie Randles), and Logan (Conor Merrigan-Turner). The kids warn Joy about trusting Savannah.

When Joy suddenly vanishes, the Delaneys are thrown into tumult — all the more so when Stan becomes a suspect in her possible murder. The Delaneys are fixed on figuring out if Savannah played a part, and if anything she told them was the truth.

Why is Savannah living with Stan and Joy on Apples Never Fall?

When Savannah ended up at Stan and Joy’s house, frantic and bleeding from a cut on her head,  she said she was on the run from a bad relationship. She also said she chose them randomly for help.

Savannah quickly becomes a fixture in the home, but starts getting flirtatious during her stay. She ends up having sex with Brooke, who’s planning her imminent wedding to another woman, for example, and makes Stan uncomfortable during a kitchen encounter.

Did Savannah steal the Tramadol?

Stan becomes further suspicious of Savannah when he notices his pills are missing.

"I know I had 12 pills two days ago, now I have seven," he tells Joy. Joy is dismissive when he accuses Savannah, though.

"Your Tramadol? ... If she was abusing prescription drugs I'd know by now," Joy said.

Tramadol is prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain.

The whole episode makes Stan more convinced she has to leave, and ultimately, Troy pays her off to go.

Soon, events arise that compel Joy to drop a bombshell on her family: Nearly 20 years ago, she’d told the father of of rising-star tennis player, Harry Haddad, to drop Stan as his coach and to find a new one.

Haddad complied, and the impact on Stan and Troy, who was also on the path for big things in tennis, was game-changing. None of the Delaneys knew that Joy, whose motive was to protect her family, was behind this turn of events.

But Savannah did — and it’s the key to her true identity that eventually emerges in Apples Never Fall.

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It turns out that Joy “disappeared” after she went for a bike ride and broke down after hitting a pothole. She then reached out to everyone in her family. Because of the Haddad sabotage, no one returned her call. Joy happened to have a thank you card from Savannah with her phone number on it. Joy called her, and Savannah showed up.

“I’m not a good person,” Savannah told Joy. “I’m kind of a con artist.”

When Savannah left to go to her home in Georgia, Joy, who didn’t have her cell, hopped in with her for an off-the-grid break from her family. 

Who is Savannah on Apples Never Fall?

Joy eventually discovers that Savannah is actually Harry Haddad’s sister, Lindsey. So-called Savannah is a bitter and angry blast from the past who had to grow up without her dad and brother and with her delusional mother.

“After you told my dad to fire Stan, that was all the encouragement he and Harry needed to pack up a leave,” Savannah told Joy while driving in her car. “Before that, it wasn't easy, believe me, but at least … it wasn’t just me and her.”

It turns out, Savannah hadn't randomly chosen the Delaneys after all. She meant to cause them pain, too.

“She was poison — and they left me with her,” Savannah raged. “You gave half my family a reason to leave. You ruined us … That’s why I wanted to destroy your family.”

In the end, Savannah forgave Joy, and hoped Joy could forgive her, too, although she ran off after the two were involved in a car crash. Savannah's ultimate fate was unknown.

The Delaneys, meanwhile, had some healing to do of their own with "Savannah" out of the picture.

Watch Apples Never Fall, streaming now on Peacock.

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