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Who Did Evan Peters Play on The Office?

Evan Peters is one of the hottest young stars out there, but never forget he got a spanking on The Office.

By Trent Moore

Once it became clear that NBC’s The Office was a bona fide comedy hit, the series attracted all kinds of celebrities for cameos and minor roles — but a few of them popped up by sheer luck of casting future stars before they hit it big.

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Yes, Amy Adams appeared in Season 1 in “Hot Girl” (and a few other times) as Katy, a purse salesperson and brief love interest for Jim (John Krasinski), but The Office also got lucky and cast a young Evan Peters for a brief but memorable role in Season 7’s “Nepotism.” If you don’t know the episodes, you’ve probably seen some of the GIFs and memes that were born from the delightfully cringey one-off.

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Who did Evan Peters Play on The Office?

Evan Peters played Luke Cooper, Michael’s nephew who briefly worked as an assistant at Dunder Mifflin.

Though Peters eventually went on to become a successful star, he played the role of disaffected college-age assistant Luke in early Season 7. Luke remains one of the most hated Office supporting characters to date, as the entire Dunder Mifflin crew positively hated him and begged Michael (Steve Carell) to fire him. No one could figure out why Michael refused until he finally fesses up that… Luke is his nephew. 

After blowing the office coffee order, an ice cream run, and finally failing to overnight critical samples and packages, Michael reaches out to Sabre CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) for some advice. As expected, she advises him to fire Luke, or face the consequences when the kid costs them more sales. But in classic Michael fashion he goes a bit too far when he pulls the trigger to get rid of Luke — bending him over his knee and spanking him in front of the entire office. The scene was a lasting memory for fans (and probably a lasting red mark for Peters).

What did Evan Peters think of being spanked by Steve Carell?

In a 2016 Reddit AMA, he seemed to have no problem with that now-iconic scene: “The Office was awesome because Steve Carell spanked me. Hard.” If nothing else, it’s nice to know Carell didn’t phone it in.

Who is Evan Peters?

Coming into his appearance on The Office, Peters had several credits to his name even as a young actor, though most were for guest star appearances on series like House, Monk, One Tree Hill and Criminal Minds. Arguably his best known appearances to that point were regular roles in the alien invasion mystery series Invasion, as well as a big screen supporting role as Todd in 2010’s Kick-Ass.

His role in The Office only continued his ascent, though, with Peters soon landing arguably his best-known role in the hit horror series American Horror Story In 2011. Big screen gigs as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, a supporting role in the Blumhouse horror flick The Lazarus Effect, and acclaimed gigs in WandaVision and Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer hit Monsters soon followed.

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